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After a month of 'NO ICH' Marine for parasites, I had to account for LX2000s skimmer (HOB Reef Octopus) running Ozone, I just double dose and did it twice a day. You can remove carbon running Ozone and a controller, and you can't guarantee water quality without it. The Extra Large Queen Angelfish is doing fine with two encrusting corals, live rock with mushrooms, and a baby Picasso trigger and Damsel. I ended up with a temperature controller for a surface computer fan, two Maxi Jet 1200's (1300GPH in circulation mode) downward top/back/left and right, they needed 'sure grip' magnets, LX2000s, two Maxi 400's at the surface as power heads, left and right of skimmer creating surface flow. I'm using Red Sea Foundation, Colors, Energy, and Algae Management. The water low level tests show no Nitrate or Phosphate, I change a 1/2 cup of carbon on upper shelf of HOB skimmer return each day, Ozone injected through silencer with silicone tubing from Ultra Life Direct. The Queen is eating brine shrimp plus (washed in a net), Ocean Nutrition pellets and flake food, tried them all, it eats them all, they sure can eat. Very serious filtration is needed, not a 300 gallon, it needs the filtration of a 150 gallon tank, with 100x flow, consistent temperature, 2 watts per gallon Actinic 03 and 10K, 'and' a 20 watt Actinic 03 night light, not kidding.
Baby Queen Angelfish
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Photo provided by FlickrThe baby Queen Angelfish is very colorful
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3 months ago I bought a baby queen angelfish. It was approximately 1.5 inches and has been in QT. it is now about 2-2.5 inches and I want to put it in the 125. I'm nervous that since it is not yet bigger than my coral beauty that it will get beat up.