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Baby male betta or female betta fish?
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When a male betta is healthy, he always builds a bubblenest in the hopes that a fertile female will soon swim by. It is the male who takes care of the baby fish (fry). He spits out a series of large bubbles that float on the surface of still water and then waits for a passing female.
I bought a baby Betta a little over a month ago and I was wondering if you could help me determine whether it is a male or female Betta fish
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The beautiful betta fish is easy to care for and relaxing to watch. The colorful bettas most people are familiar with are males, but if you have a male and a female, you'll likely have baby bettas, too. Before bringing two betta fish home, know what genders you have. Two males will fight to the death. How to Determine the Sex of a Betta Fish: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
Photo provided by FlickrApr 26, 2017 - Some male bettas get along with other fish, while others will fight them
Photo provided by FlickrBetta, especially males, tend to be very territorial
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Betta fish don’t get along. Although, wild breeds and females are less aggressive, you should always be careful when placing Betta fish in a tank together. That poses obvious problems for breeding, but these fish can effectively be bred in captivity if you are careful and methodical in your approach. Even then, you will need to worry about fry (baby fish) mucking up the water so badly that it is unlivable.