where would i buy automatic fish and what do they eat? normal food?

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Knowing exactly why you need an automatic fish feeder will lead you quickly to a small number of options off our list, and the parameters of your tank or pond should get you even closer to a choice.
Automatic Fish Feeder by SuperBearFur is licensed under the  license.
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Because it is battery-powered, the automatic feeder can be used outdoors without fear of electrical shock. Pond fish can be fed while you are away, but you’ll have to construct a small bracket to hold the feeder near the edge of the pond. Automatic Fish Feeder with micro servo control V2 by pcunha is licensed under the  license.
Photo provided by FlickrThe drawbacks to an automatic fish feeder are three fold:
Photo provided by FlickrI will show you how to make an Automatic fish feeder so you won't have to feed you fish ever again.
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Rather than keeping a schedule of feedings or having to set an alarm, you can use the automatic fish feeder to keep your fish on a timely feeding schedule whether you are at work, out on the town, or just plain forgetful.A programmable timer tops the feature list on this automatic fish feeder that also features a water resistant container, keeping food from clumping.Besides keeping your fish on a regular feeding schedule, automatic fish feeders can be set to dispense a specific amount of food; this saves money on the amount of food you purchase.Two automatic fish feeders are up to give away! Submit a video response showing me your tank and explain why you want this item! First 10 videos that are submitted will be put into drawing where 2 of the 10 will win these automatic feeders!This is still a work in progress but I have printed and assembled. I created a automatic fish feeder that will use a arduino board that will rotate the auger every 12 hours to feed my fish. I will also have a manual override switch to feed the fish at any time. My old fish feeder was made out of cardboard so I thought it was time to 3D print one.
Added Arduino program for fish feeder. Also new Youtube video on how the feeder works.

Personally, I work pretty long days. Sometimes I'm out of the house 16-18 hours. If I owned a dog, it would likely out of spite. If I owned a cat, it would get carried away by a coyote. So, I turn to fish, and an automatic feeder keeps me from having to buy new fishy friends every few weeks. Until you're in the thick of it, you can't know what you can and cannot trust yourself to remember. That's why having a system that will automatically feed your fish is so crucial, especially to new tank owners or to folks who like to jet-set around the globe and can't be home to distribute the flakes. The Roman aristocrats had the first automatic fish feeders, as well: ! They couldn't be programmed as easily, and their upkeep was plenty more complicated, but they were also multi-taskers, so feeding Roman fish only accounted for a portion of their duties.