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In summary, here’s what you need to avoid when getting rocks for your aquarium:
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Ensure that the rocks you've selected will work well with your setup by consulting care guidelines for your fish. Some fish, for example, should not have access to small gravel, which they may eat and choke on. Some rocks can raise or lower the pH of your aquarium, so research the rocks you've chosen before trying to use them in your tank. Generally speaking, rocks such as quartz and basalt are safe for most aquariums.
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Place the rock in a bucket containing a water sample from your aquarium for 24 hours. If the rock does not crumble, it is usually safe to use. Check the pH of the water in the bucket using a pH test strip to ensure the rock is not radically elevating or lowering the pH. If it is, it may cause problems with your aquarium chemistry and you should not use it. Aquatic Rock - Prior Lake, MN (3)
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