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AZOO DOUBLE BLACK WATER (For freshwater and aquatic plants aquariums)1. Contains natural peat extracts, trace elements, tannin, multi-vitamins and colloid.2. Adjusts tap water to tropical water conditions.3. Absorbs heavy metal ions in tap water.4. Contains anti-bacteria and anti-fungus substancesPet City Cartimar Tel: 556-4332 | Pet City BGC Tel: 556-5148
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Acrylic aquaria are now the primary competitor with glass. Prior to the invention of , early acrylic aquaria discolored over time with exposure to light; this is no longer the case. Acrylic is generally stronger than glass, weighs less, and provides a certain amount of temperature insulation. In colder climates or environments, it is easier to achieve and maintain a tropical temperature and requires less capacity from an aquarium heater. Acrylic-soluble cements are used to directly fuse acrylic together. Acrylic allows for the formation of unusual shapes, such as the hexagonal tank. Compared to glass, acrylics are easier to scratch; but unlike glass, it is possible to polish out scratches in acrylic. Aquatic Department Manager at Dave's Soda and Pet City ..
Photo provided by FlickrManong at Pet city gave me a plastic of good bacteria (for aquarium) for free.
Photo provided by FlickrAQUATIC TURTLE KIT 40 GAL | Shop Pet City Houston
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Can’t get more classic than Pet City’s Fish Bowl. We house a wide selection of fighting fish, as well as lush aquatic plants to decorate all types of fish bowls and tanks!Visit Pet City Cartimar Tel: 556-4332 | Pet City BGC Tel: 556-5148The only legal aquatic turtle pets are freshwater turtles. These require normal freshwater, which you can get straight from your sink's faucet. You'll have to remove chlorine and chloramine -- chemicals added to city water supplies to kill bacteria, which can also harm your turtle. You can get water conditioner drops at almost all pet shops. These neutralize chlorine and chloramine instantly. Buy one that doesn't have a "slime coat" -- those are for fish and amphibians. The usual dosage is one drop per gallon, added before you put your turtle into the water. Use the conditioner every time you change the water.