"Aquarium Fish Pictures" 13 June 2008.

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We thought you would like to see some pictures of the many aquariums we have in our office’s in Rhinelander, Wisconsin! These are just a few – there are many more! Enjoy…
You can see the 1 year progression of this tank at: Stan and Debbie's 92g Reef Aquarium Pictures
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As you can see from Luiz Brunner's 12g nano-reef aquarium picture, although it may be small, it's amazing what variety of soft and stony corals one can choose to put into a reef tank of this size. world's best aquariums | 50 In Wall Aquariums – Must See Pictures and Designs
Photo provided by FlickrThis gallery is just a selection of random pictures taken in the Midwest Custom Aquarium shop.
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Taking photos of the aquarium and it's inhabitants can be difficult and frustrating. Aquarium lighting, glass and coloration make it extremely challenging to take a realistic, focused picture that represents the correct color and lighting we see from the human eye. Over exposures, under saturation and blurred photographs are the most common frustrations. Taking beautiful pictures of the aquarium is not as hard as first led to believe. With patience, practice and adjustment of the necessary settings it will become easier over time.Ranging from groupings of 1 to 15 gallons to 200+ gallons in size, this photo galleries index is designed to provide you easy access to all of our Top Reef Tank Photos Galleries. These galleries contain lots of top reef aquarium pictures, most of which were submitted by site visitors for display here: .– There was a debate over the use of very fine white cosmetic sand, such as Rio Negro sand
– Due to the nature of this type of sand, excretions of fish and shrimps become more recognizable. The color of the sand turns more easily to a unpleasant greenish or blackish color because of the growth of algae and the spread of anaerobic bacteria inside an aquarium
– It was pointed out that it’s hardly kept brightly clean for a long period of time
– Although the cosmetic sand used in the layout looks elegantly beautiful in the picture, the layout receives a tough evaluation from the judges
– The layouts were evaluated by 18 judges chosen internationally
– The grading process was conducted impartially by the judges and so was the counting of scores by the contest committee
– However, the evaluation of each judge primarily relies on his/her personal preference of the types of aquatic plant layout. It doesn’t necessary become an absolute account of the layoutWhile some species can be difficult to keep in a saltwater aquarium, Angelfish are among the most popular fish for marine aquariums. The Top Saltwater Angelfish Picture Gallery contains outstanding photos of a wide variety of marine Angelfish. These fish pictures were submitted to About Saltwater Aquariums for display and contest entry.View these outstanding pictures of saltwater aquarium fish in these photo galleries. These pictures were submitted to About Saltwater Aquariums for display in photo galleries.There is no doubt you'll enjoy browsing this outstanding collection of Clownfish or Anemonefish species photos that were submitted by site visitors for display here at About Saltwater Aquariums. A majority of the images picture the Clown Fish with a host sea anemone, as well as a wide variety of corals.