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Welcome to the Aquarium Water Clarifiers superstore! It happens to every aquarium eventually: either the filter becomes overloaded, there is a higher amount of biological activity and waste than usual, or any number of other aquatic events have contributed to turn your water from clear to milky, obscuring your fish and plants. While cloudy water isn't necessarily an indicator of anything more serious than a high number of suspended particulates, it is still important to get it cleared fast, for the health of your aquarium fish. At Pet Mountain we are aquarium experts, and our huge selection of aquarium water clarifiers has just what you need to get your tank crystal clear again.
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In my experience, these chemicals will only clear the water upunder circumstances where the water would have cleared itself up in afew hours, and otherwise have little or no effect. In fact, somepeople who have had perpetual problems with cloudy aquarium water andhave been using these chemicals get their aquarium to clear up within awater change or two after they stop using the water clarifier! Thismakes it look like the aquarium water clarifier was causing, or atleast contributing to the cloudiness or milkiness in the water. Shop Tetra for a variety of water treatments for aquariums, like our Aquarium WaterClarifier!
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Though there are quite a few available on the market to help clarify your aquarium water, these arereally only going to hide a symptom that should be addressed byproviding proper care to the tank to keep the water clear.With the use of the best aquarium water clarifier you can find, clearing up the cloudiness can take a few hours or a few days instead of many days or several weeks.ACCU-CLEAR clarifies hazy aquarium water fast, eliminating clouding brought about by suspended particles. The fast acting, ACCU-CLEAR clumps tiny floating particles together, forming large particles to be removed by the aquarium filter. ACCU-CLEAR eliminates the milky haze caused by gravel in new aquariums. If your water is cloudy, the use of ACCU-CLEAR will help to clear it and clear it fast! KENT MARINE PRO-CLEAR MARINE CLARIFIER clears cloudy water from water changes, chemical reactions and disturbed detritus. Quickly attracting these particles so they can be easily filtered out or will settle to the aquarium bottom.Aqueon clarifier works by clinging to water particles, enabling the filter to remove them. Heavier particles simply sink to the bottom. Aqueon products also neutralize chlorine to prepare tap water for use in an aquarium. It is the perfect way to eliminate the threat of ammonia from fish waste. It also replaces essential minerals that diminish over time. Product number 6012 is a 4 oz. size, but it is also available in 2, 8, and 16 oz. sizes.Clear-UP Natural Water Clarifier is used to clear up cloudy white aquarium water without harmful chemicals. Clear-UP is a natural flocculant that causes small particles to be attached to each other, becoming a bigger particle that can be filtered out of the water..