This wall aquarium will hold approximately 10.5 gallons of water.

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In-wall aquariums are the most popular among built-in fish tanks. They can be integrated into almost any room including kitchens and dining rooms.
It is one of the most beautiful "living art" wall mounted aquariums sold
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Insert the wall aquarium into the wall cavity. Ensure that the tank sits steadily on the wall stud. Gather all electrical cords and secure them on the other room that serves as the maintenance (or back side) of the aquarium. This is my 40 lt wall aquarium. I spend just 3 days making this "minimalistic" aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrWe are widely regarded as the best wall mounted aquarium throughout the world!
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~ #1 BRAND We are the #1 brand of wall aquariums. Compare our features to the competition and you'll see why no one sells more wall fish tanks. Satisfaction Guaranteed!~ STRUCTURE All our components are detachable so you should never have to take the wall aquarium off your wall. Some competitors have their lights, filters, heaters built into the aquarium. The problem is if any of these components go out, you have to take all the water out of your fish tank then take the entire aquarium down for repair.There is nothing more relaxing than simply sitting and looking into a beautiful Aquarium, it has a way of taking you away from where you are to a nice tropical place. These impressive built in wall Aquariums are however not for the beginner who just wants to raise a few gold fish, rather well planned and delicately balanced environments for their inhabitants. Proper acidity levels and careful combining of elements that can co-exist with each other is the first step to getting the technical side right, making it look awesome is the next and equally important step! If you are planning to do a salt water tank it will certainly offer many more exciting fish and visual options. As you can see there is any number of frames you can have included in your design scheme or you can simply go with a clean face for an understated look. Many of these styles were incorporated into the original designs but don’t let that stop you from taking your project to the next level as many of these home owners have done. We hope to inspire your in wall Aquarium plans with these beautiful images and you should look at if you do not see the perfect one here.If you are planning on buying a tank why not build one into your home? We offer all of the hardware and can walk you though the process. Imagine a tank that you can see right through between rooms. The fish swim by as you as you gaze through at family members. These aquariums are extremely unique and look fabulous. The ’Wow’ factor they give off is worth the initial installation work (which is easier than you think). You can follow and learn how to build one into your wall.~ UNLIMITED SUPPORT When you purchase from us, we will provide you with unlimited support teaching you the easiest way to maintain your wall aquarium. We will also teach you how to keep your fish alive for years in our wall fish tanks. We know more about fish than any other wall fish tank sellers.aluminum plated frames making them much lighter than stainless steel yet durable to sustain rust. Each
wall aquarium is created with safe tempered glass (5mm thick) or bubble acrylic. The depth of the wall
aquarium from the wall to the face of the frame is only 4.5" giving it an appearance of a stunning wall
mounted painting yet deep enough room for your fish to play and swim in. You can turn this wall fish tank
into a saltwater or fresh water wall aquarium. These wall aquariums are very hard to find, absolutely
breathtaking, the perfect conversation piece, a space saver and will be the center piece of anywhere you
place it. You can be one of the first to own one of these unique live art work! They are extremely EASY TO