How to Use a Gentle Aquarium Siphon or Vacuum

Make a Gentle Aquarium Siphon or Vacuum Intro
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Maintenance is a necessary part of a good aquarium keeping. Routine water changes and pulling debris from gravel helps maintain a natural balance in the aquarium environment. Aqueon Siphon Vac gravel cleaners can help to make this job easier and take less time!

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Insten Battery-Powered Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Vacuum
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Aquarium gravel vacuum ought to be used to suck up that might be laying on the surface of the sand bed or gravel. Do not deep the gravel vacuum into the gravel or sand bed if your fish tank does not make use of UG filter as doing that will mean pulling out essentials organisms needed by your fish as well as disturbing the anaerobic layer. Get someone to properly demonstrate how you should use your gravel aquarium after purchase. Insten Battery-Powered Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Vacuum
Photo provided by FlickrInsten Aquarium Fish Tank Gravel Siphon Vacuum Cleaner
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The Eheim Aquarium Vacuum is also sold as the Eheim Quick Vac Pro. It is a battery operated submersible vacuum that can be used to clean the substrate (sand, gravel, bare bottom) in your aquarium. At least, that's what the manufacturer (Eheim) claims. The price for this aquarium vacuum is around $50 US dollars and I have seen it in the local stores (petsmart and petco) and you can definitely pick one up online for a few dollars less than retail. In looking at reviews on aquarium forums, on online shops and at Amazon it was especially interesting to see the disparity in the reviews. One person would claim that it's the best piece of equipment that they have ever used on their aquarium and the next person would say that it was a complete waste of money. What was the truth? I had to pick one up to find out.Most aquarium gravel vacuums (sometimes called a gravel vac or anaquarium vacuum) consist of a clear, wide, rigid, plastic tube,typically about 2" in diameter, attached to a narrower, flexible, , typically about 1/2" indiameter.After buying this Eheim aquarium vacuum online (it was a few dollars cheaper and shipping was a good deal) I soon received my new aquarium vacuum in the mail. Set up was fairly straight forward. There are around 4 or 5 pieces that need to be snapped together and it took about 30 seconds to figure it out and put it together. It is battery operated and the battery compartment has an O-ring to prevent any water from entering the compartment. I was impressed with the size of this vacuum. It is around 22 inches long with the extension added to it so I should haveno trouble at all reaching the bottom of my tank. The bottom piece extension is slotted and is designed to go about 1 cm deep into the substrate to suction up debris without distrubing the beneficial bacteria. The collection basket is made of really fine mesh material. It lets the gunk in and the water flows through it back into the tank.Gravel vacuums are used when performing your toclean part of the gravel while removing the water. This is importantin all aquariums, but is particularly important in an aquarium with an.So, you can imagine my dissapointment with the Eheim Aquarium Vacuum. I was really looking forward to this thing working well for my tank. The tank I was wanting to primarily use it on is a bare bottomed reef tank and this vacuum would have been perfect for spot cleaning every few days in betweenwater changes. There are a lot of things going for this vacuum. It seems like it is well designed and well thought out but it just needs a bigger motor or something. I wouldn't even mind having to put 8 AA batteries in it instead of 4 if it would double the power it delivered. I'm now looking online for mod ideas on how to make it more powerful since I don't want to completely throw in the towel. If I do come across anything I'll post back here.This is a re-publish of a poorly done instructable that I posted a while back. Transform an aquarium air pump to create a weak vacuum This type of ...