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This is very good info about where to find the best fish and aquarium suppliers in Detroit.
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Finding the right equipment for the home aquarium hobby can be difficult if you don't know where to look. Many smaller towns and cities do not have specialty aquarium stores. While some pet stores may carry entry level aquarium supplies, those seeking more advanced equipment must sometimes look elsewhere.
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The one thing to remember here is to go with a supplier that has a good reputation. You don't want to spend your money with a business that doesn't have a happy client base because 1) you may not get your money's worth and 2) your fish may not come in as healthy as they could. Here is a list of my favorite online aquarium livestock and supplies stores: Please select from the available Aquarium Supplies below or  to visit the .
Photo provided by FlickrHere you will find all the supplies you need to create and keep your aquarium plants in great shape.
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The Premium Aquarium is Salem and Wilsonville Oregon’s source for saltwater fish, freshwater fish, aquarium supplies and dry goods. We are affordable, knowledgeable and happy to serve. We specialize in invertebrates, corals, macro algae, fish, freshwater plants and all of your dry goods needs. We also offer tank maintenance and tank sitting services.We have all kinds of aquarium supplies for saltwater and freshwater types of aquariums. Our comprehensive product offerings have made us the top choice of countless clients in Nebraska. We have a lot of repeat customers in Omaha, NE, and we also accommodate a lot of first-time clients from other areas who come to our shop. Whether you need freshwater plants or some species of saltwater fish, we are definitely the place to go.We have the needed materials and aquarium supplies for all your needs, whether it is for a small aquarium that you want to build or for a grand one filled with exciting fish species. We have a large inventory of supplies that we source directly from trusted suppliers. We supply large volume orders, and we also provide small purchases. Just tell us the supplies that you need and the quantity, and we’ll process your orders right away.Our company carries the best brands of food supplies for your prized pet fish. Among others, we sell products from Hikari, Rod’s Food, Cobalt Aquatics, Reef Nutrition, and AquaVitro. We can supply you with flakes and pellet foods in various volumes, depending on your specific needs. We even have food for corals and aquatic plants, hence making us the best stop for all your aquarium food requirements.We can provide you with the best quality aquarium supplies from our partner suppliers. Among others, we have protein skimmers, reactors, skimmer and water pumps, rotors, lights, and much more.You, too, can enjoy the same customer attention that our clients enjoy when you call us now. We’d be pleased to provide you with the finest quality aquarium supplies that you need regardless of volume and type. We are open seven days a week, so you can visit our store anytime.