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Acrylic fish tanks must have a solid top to rest upon. This is because acrylic tanks cannot support their weight simply on the edges of the tank. So, if you are shopping for a wood fish tank stand for your acrylic aquarium, make sure it has a full flat top and not just a lip support.
Cinder block aquarium stand - this would be one seriously heavy combination
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I hope you saw several original ideas here for aquarium stands, whether you use yours for fish, reptiles, hamsters or whatever small pet normally kept in an aquarium. ... Question: Do I Need a Special Stand for My Aquarium?
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BZN: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about aquarium stands. Many people spend a lot of time focused on choosing just the right aquarium when setting up a new system. I suspect you recommend that considering one’s stand is just as important. Why is that?Aquarium furniture stands are an integral part of every aquatic system. The aquarium stand should be sturdy so that it can bear the weight of a filled aquarium. Aquariums weigh approximately 10 pounds per gallon when filled with fish, substrate and décor, making most household furniture unsuitable for anything larger than 10 gallons. Placing your aquarium on a stand produced by a manufacturer will also positively impact the aquarium warranty. Ideally, the aquarium stand is made of durable and water-resistant materials as it will likely be set up over a long period of time and will come in contact with aquarium water. DAN: Yes it is, and there are three main points to consider. First, the stand is what is supporting everything, so you need to be sure that your stand will provide a flat, level and structurally stable base for your aquarium. The second consideration is if the aquarium’s filtration will be housed in the stand. Will there be enough room for the equipment you need, and will it be easy to install and maintain? Third, typically the visible area of your aquarium is slightly less than that of the stand and canopy. It may be just me, but a beautiful reef tank full of color and movement just doesn't look as good when sitting on two-by-four lumber wrapped in plywood.It's not their fault. With so many different tank sizes sold at a typical pet store, it would be difficult to offer aquarium stands in any color other ...Aquarium stands can come assembled or ready-to-assemble. No matter what style of stand you choose, it should be made specifically for aquarium use, with materials that are designed to last. When setting up an aquarium, make sure the base is level and is not wobbling if placed on an uneven floor. Choose an area away from a window, as sunlight will cause excessive algae growth in the aquarium. Also, avoid drafty doorways. And finally, the aquarium furniture should be aesthetically pleasing so that you can enjoy your setup for a long time to come!Okay, let's switch gears and explain how I built it.I built a stand for a rectangular, 75 gallon aquarium, you may be building one smaller or larger than ...