Zoo Med AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip

Organizing your aquarium cabinet. Command strips to hold up power strip and tubes.
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The Energy Bars available for Apex systems are much more than a glorified power strip. In fact, this component of your aquarium controller equipment is far more important than most people realize – and not all systems are created equal!It is obvious that this component is key to controlling things on your aquarium, but what is not so apparent is how it is critical to preventing catastrophe in your aquarium. Here’s how:
Aquarium Power Strip
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Pet Mountain's Aquarium Power Strips & Timers store features top quality products from the most trusted names in aquarium care and maintenance equipment, including Zoo Med Aquatic, Coralife, Rio, and Aquarium Systems. Our low price leader, the is a programmable timer and power strip in one. The AquaSun Controller includes 8 grounded outlets with an easy to program analog design. With 4 timed outlets and 4 switched outlets, Zoo Med's AquaSun Aquarium Controller Timer & Power Strip is perfect for providing your aquarium and fish with a natural day/night cycle. Aquarium Power Strips & Timers for Sale Online | PetSolutions
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One would be hard pressed to find an aquarium that does not utilize at least one power strip (surge strip, power bar, plug strip, etc.) type of extension cord. Most people are blissfully unaware of the fact that not all power strips are created equal and that some of them are in fact not at all suitable for use around an aquarium. Power strip failures can cause shock or fire hazards and are much more common than one would believe.There are two basic types of construction used to build power strips (plug strips,power bars, surge strips, etc.). While there are many variants of the two basic styles, there are enough similarities within each family to draw some general conclusions about their suitability for use around the aquarium (and your home in general).The simple fact is that power strips used in the aquarium hobby are commonly exposed to harsh environmental conditions that they were not designed to accommodate. While many of the products work relatively safely in normal use conditions around the home, they pose a great risk when used with an aquarium.GFCI protection is built into some plug strip products as well. The GFCI protected plug strips offer a high degree of safety but are not well suited to the aquarium hobby. A single faulting device plugged into the power strip will result in everything else plugged into the strip becoming de-energized. GFCI protection is VERY important, but there are better ways of achieving it for the aquarium. (see sidebar).In each of the above designs, the individual outlet locations are actually parts of duplex (top photo) or simplex (middle and bottom photos) receptacles that have been built into a metal case and then wired together. Each individual receptacle has its own contact "leafs" similar (or identical) to a standard commercial grade wall receptacle. This is the type of power strip (plug strip) that you should be using for your aquarium (and in the rest of your home). Pictured below is a cut-away drawing of a typical duplex receptacle that shows the electrical contacts. The GE Touchsmart Digital Timer is rated 4.5/5 on Amazon. The product is made mostly for turning lights on and off, and does a great job with any light type including LED, incandescent, and CFL. This product is made for use indoors and outdoors and is grounded. This means it is both waterproof and stops worries of electricution, making it a safe, secure choice for aquarium use. This outlet timer has a dual outlet, which means you could plug another device into it besides your aquarium light, or you could have two aquarium lights or strips hooked up simultaneously. The device can be mounted so that it is not hanging off your power outlet. Never worry about heat, because this device does not get hot. Keep in mind, both plugged in devices will turn on and off at the same time.