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An aquarium doesn’t have to have gravel or sand, but for appearances, giving your animal a more natural setting, and a place for harboring beneficial bacteria, most aquarists buy substrate. Aquarium gravel is not that expensive to begin with, but there is a cheaper alternative for those buying in bulk. Pea gravel is often used for landscaping, but it is safe for aquariums. A lot of stores, like Menards and Lowe's, will have pea gravel; compared to the weight and cost ratio, you are getting more for your buck than in pet stores. So if setting up a natural-looking environment, pea gravel is definitely the way to go; the gravel is earth-toned with a mixture of off-white, brown, and grey pebbles.
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Pure Water Pebbles freshwater aquarium substrates offer aquarium hobbyists and professionals unique, fun, and simple solutions for establishing the base layer of a tank. Their natural and acrylic-coated gravels are perfect for use in freshwater fish tanks, ponds, water gardens, fountains, and more. Pure Water Pebbles are available as stones, gravel, pebbles, rocks, and sand, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, gloss, and colors.

All Pure Water Pebbles substrates look great in any aquarium, and are perfect for aquascaping your new fish tank. Natural gravel is an excellent alternative to artificial materials, such as rubber or plastic, and allows you to naturally bring out the best appearance from your fish, plants, and background. Real gravel also provides bottom dwellers, such as hermit crabs, amphibians, and even reptiles, with an authentic living surface. Whether you're looking for gravel or natural aquarium sand, Pure Water Pebbles has what you need.

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Photo provided by FlickrNatural hole sea stones bulk terrarium decoration medium pebbles Beach pebbles Sea pebbles Beach stones home decoration aquarium decoration
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