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LED Light Fixtures for Aquariums
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LEDs were first designed to improve on the amount of energy used and heat produced by common aquarium lighting methods.
There were mixed reviews on the older generation larger units such as the Solaris and even earlier TMC LEDs as well when compared to MH light fixtures. Even though much less energy was used, I personally did not find LEDs practical for Reef or Planted Aquarium Lighting until 2008.
However the newer ZetLight, Aqua Illuminations, Ecotech Marine, Kessil, and especially the 3rd -4th generation AquaBeam/GroBeam are a vast improvement in price and efficient PAR/PUR output. In fact at the price of the many of the better LED Aquarium Lights coupled with the 50,000 hour lifespan their actual light cost per hour for comparable output is actually favorable to most T5 aquarium lights (5 year warranty for AquaRay, 1 year warranty for others listed above).
LED light fixtures, engineered specifically for reef aquariums, have many benefits over traditional lighting.
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From pendants and full fixtures to , aquarium LED lighting options are almost limitless, with some hobbyists even making their own DIY LED lighting systems. AquaticLife EDGE REEF LED Aquarium Light Fixture.
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Super bright 6500K white LEDs and rich 445nm blue LEDs come together in an amazingly sleek fixture that’s dialed-in for freshwater aquatic environments like nothing before. Our engineers have created custom color temperature settings that bring favorites like cichlids, live bearers and tetras vivid life. This revolutionary fixture also features independent control of the white and blue LEDs, allowing users to select a color mode that brings your aquarium and all its residents into their best possible light.Many of the light fixtures being sold now include moon lights which are special blue LED lights for use at night. These LED “Moon” lights allow the hobbyist to see night time activities of the aquarium, while the fish see no light at all.The Marineland Reef Capable LED Lighting System features LED technology to end reliance on energy-hungry reef aquarium light fixtures that run hot. Ultra-thin LED lighting system employs high output (10000K) LED's to deliver light spectrum and intensity capable of supporting reef inhabitants. Cool-running and energy-efficient LED's reduce utility bills and eliminate costly replacement bulbs. Built-in polycarbonate lenses direct light into your aquarium where it is needed to minimizeEach LED Aqualight comes preloaded with a combination of easily removable, replaceable and interchangeable 3W LED Tri-Lamps that provide optimal light output similar to a 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. In addition, each fixture also has open slots so you can simply add more Tri-Lamps to increase light output and customize light color combinations for any aquarium.This is also a very inexpensive LED for a fish tank that contains either fresh or saltwater fish. Besides, the light is beneficial to grow aquarium plants that makes it a great choice for starters’ aquarium with fish and some low-light plants. There are various fixture sizes and extendable brackets included to fit various tank lengths that fall into these ranges: 12-20″, 19.7-27.6″, 28.3-35.4″, 37.4-45.2″.It is easier to customize an LED light to fit various aquarium needs than other lights because the LED light fixture includes many LEDs which can be separately adjustable. It is easier to create night-time or lunar lighting using LEDs because the diodes can be segregated by colors and are easily dimmed. Plus, with the node-like, colored LEDs, the owner can create fun, aesthetic lighting effects.