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To give your aquarium that cool, colorful look, its time to bring on the lights. From hanging fixtures to hoods with lights built in, to retrofit light kits to other types of lighting apparatus, Pet Mountain as a wide variety of aquarium lighting supplies no matter what your budget or size tank. The other reason you need lights is because your fish need it of course. Just like people, they have to get their dose of “sun”, especially if they are far from a window or natural source of light. With great products from Current USA, Coralife, Marineland, Hydor and others, we've got you covered. Any type of lighting you need at the best prices, some of which are discounted up to 60%. Use aquarium lights to illuminate the whole tank, or highlight certain areas of your aquarium, in white or colored light.
47 Items - Light their space perfectly. With high-quality aquarium lighting and fish tank hoods, you can give your fish the light they need to live long, healthy lives.
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Aquarium hoods serve a few purposes. They will reduce the amount of evaporation from the tank water as well as preventing contaminants entering the tank from outside sources. Hoods also act as a base for attaching the lighting equipment to and with built in flaps give access to all areas. If the aquarium is bought as a complete package, the hood will be a perfect fit and will do its job well. If making your own hood, measure carefully to ensure a tight fit. Aquarium Hoods With Lights‎
Photo provided by Flickr17 results - Keep your aquarium properly lit with fish tank lighting & fish tank hoods from brands like Marineland, Coralife & more.
Photo provided by FlickrKeep the fish from jumping out while providing excellent lighting with Petco's range of aquarium light hoods including led aquarium hood, light fixture, etc.
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The special note here is that the bulbs accepted are now 24 inches long for the 20 gallon long tanks. For the light bulbs remain 18 inches. Because you are able to select your own bulbs there is no light issue with plants. New bulbs range from $5-$12 depending on the quality and can be expected to last between 6 months and a year. For longer bulb life keep the bulb well protected and clean it regularly. When both LED and flourescent hoods do not meet your needs you're probably ready to take the next step in aquarium lighting and fixtures. I'm talking about lighting strips. Both suspended and resting above a glass top. These two options are used in serious fish stores world wide as they are cost effective and provide even lighting. With the number of light bulbs, light tubes, light fixtures, lightstrips, and aquarium hoods available, aquarium lighting can be aconfusing and frustrating subject. However, it does not have tobe. This information should help you to make the right decision aboutyour aquarium lights.
You may also want to get an aquarium light timer. A light timer can help make running an aquarium that much more enjoyable because it's one less thing you have to mess with. Most higher end fish tank hoods and fixtures have multiple power cords that are tied into the multiple light sockets within the hood. This allows you to setup your timer to turn on the various lights at different times.Increasingly, we’re seeing LEDs replace traditional lighting uses altogether. About a year ago, one of the major manufacturers of aquariums, Marineland, introduced new aquarium hoods that replaced the traditional fluorescent fixture with an LED unit. I was able to see an entire show room done with these lighting units when they graciously donated tanks to the American Cichlid Association’s convention here in DC; these lights look fantastic. They do cost marginally more than a standard fluorescent top does: but the cost difference is so small as to be eaten by saved electric costs in just a few months. (I use several LED systems from Marineland, and thus far, my only complaint is that many of them use those boxy AC/DC converters that take up 2 outlets on a strip light. Some use a converter halfway up the cord: they should all, but then, I think everything should have the converter there).