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Aquariums are a beautiful way to add to the décor of any living space. From simple half-gallon fish bowls to large saltwater fish tanks, there are several options to suit your style, experience level, and maintenance needs. Often chosen for being relatively low maintenance and peacefully alluring, fish make excellent pets for owners of varying ages. Saltwater aquariums and reef style fish tanks generally require more care and maintenance than a freshwater bowl or fish tank. However, saltwater aquariums can be more rewarding as they can showcase more exotic species of fish, marine invertebrates, corals and plants. As there are many fish tanks available, it's up to you to determine which maintenance level is right for your home.
Jun 20, 2014 - Looking for great saltwater fish for your home aquarium
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This catfish gets way to big for the majority of home aquariums. You're looking at a tank in the thousands of gallons here. Think large backyard ponds or leave them in the wild or public aquariums. Known for their vibrant colors & beauty, saltwater aquarium fish can be a breathtaking addition to your home. Shop live saltwater & marine fish at Petco.
Photo provided by FlickrFreshwater aquarium fish like goldfish make great pets, but it's important to set up the right environment for your finned friend's new home
Photo provided by FlickrJun 25, 2009 - What's the greenest way to keep a home aquarium? I love tropical fish, but I feel bad about running the filters and lights for so many hours.
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Fish can go for several weeks without food. Some believe they can go for 3 or more weeks even. Yes, this is true believe it or not and your fish will be fine while you're away. Your tank may even look cleaner when you get home from vacation since there should be less wastes in the water from the lack of fish food entering the aquarium and less wastes being produced from fish eating that fish food.Changing a proportion of the water regularly in home aquariums helps reduce waste and cloudiness. Remove between 20 and 30 percent of the water every one or two weeks, and replace it with water that's been allowed to stand for two days. Aging the replacement water in this way allows chlorine to evaporate and the water to reach room temperature, avoiding shocking the fish. Tank water contains beneficial bacteria that help process waste, so don't replace more than a third of the water at a time. Marine tanks should always receive water with the correct salinity balance.Before you head to the pet store, then, do some homework to find out where your fish came from. If you're lucky enough to live near one of the four Marine Aquarium Council-certified retailers in the United States (in Florida, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey), you can buy saltwater fish that are verified to have been sustainably collected or cultured and then properly handled throughout the supply chain. (In the coming months, a new licensing program should increase the number of stores where you can buy MAC-approved fish.) You should also check out Reef Protection International's Reef Fish Guide, which assesses popular marine species based on four criteria: survivability in home aquariums, abundance in the wild, availability and potential for captive breeding, and collection methods used. Local hobbyist groups can also be great sources of information and, occasionally, homebred pets.Whenever you enter a room with a fish tank, it always feels at home with such a decoration around. The fish tanks are mostly created to bring in more style and in a room other than just housing the fish pet. You do not need to go for a big aquarium, a small one with impressive design will still provide the best décor that you actually need. You can place it on your office desk or at home and look at the fish tank whenever you feel bored for that perfect relaxation. Below are more benefits that you will enjoy with having a fish tank in your home.