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A golden rule for how many tetra fish to be kept together in one gallon of water is there must be a space of nearly 6 inches for each fish in the aquarium. Do not forget that the is expected to have other tank mates and some suitable vegetation. If you want to know about the count of tetra fish in a tank, for example a 25 gallon tank, a hobbyist must also consider the amount of water that will be spilled over, when the and other are added to it. Tetra fish are considered to be a relatively small breed getting no longer than 2 inches, so for them the easiest guideline is 50 Tetra fish will be more than comfortable in 20 gallon tank, 60 tetra fish in a 25 gallon tank, and up to 100 Tetra fish accommodated in a 60 gallon tank will be an ideal situation. As a breeder or owner you must keep a minimum 10 Tetra fish together else they may fall sick and die due to seclusion.
Congo tetra kept in aquariums are generally a good community fish when other fish are of similar size and temperament.
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The Black Tetra is an active fish and can be a semi-aggressive fin nipper. Fin nipping can be discouraged by keeping them in schools of at least 8 or more individuals. In large groups, they will focus on each other rather than on smaller fish. They should be kept in a community aquarium with fish the same size or larger. With age, they become more sedentary. These tetras do well with most livebearers, danios, rasboras, other tetras, peaceful bottom dwellers, and some dwarf cichlids. Green Fire Tetra Fish - Green Neon Tetra 5 - Paracheirodon - Live Aquarium Fish in Pet Supplies, Fish & Aquariums, Live Fish
Photo provided by FlickrThe Congo tetra () is a species of fish in the  family. It is found in the central  in Africa. It is commonly kept in aquaria.
Photo provided by FlickrNeon Tetra is the most popular of all aquarium fishes...The Neon Tetra is often described as the jewel of the aquarium hobby.
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The Neon Tetra fish is one of the most attractive of all the readily available tropical fishes. The neon tetra has been getting a bad reputation in recent years for the difficulty in keeping them alive in the home aquarium. This bad reputation could be attributed to the increasing public demand and the methods by which breeders are meeting those demands by the inbreeding of this once hardy tropical fish.Congo Tetras are fairly easy to care for if giving the necessary setup and needs. Nicely planted aquariums are especially good to have for these fish as it will supply cover for them to retire to if they are startled or afraid. Either plastic or live plants will be good enough, however it is good to keep in mind that live plants will help keep the low. Plenty of swimming place must be left for them as well, perhaps (depending on the type of tank) placing the plants at the back and sides would leave most of the front enough swimming space. Water quality is an important factor as they can be sensitive. Good filtration and circulation will help make a perfect environment. The adult size of the male Congo tetra reaches 3 inches with the females being slightly smaller.The cardinal tetra prefers water slightly on the acidic side and for best results you'll want to acclimate them very slowly to your tank. Slowly mix in a little water from your tank to the bag they came in over a period of an hour or more. They can be very sensitive to dramatic changes in water chemistry (especially pH). Though these Cardinal Tetras should fare well if properly acclimated, this is not the fish to add to a new aquarium. Make sure that your tank has completed the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Give the Cardinal Tetra a tank with low light levels and lots of aquarium favorite tropical fish - Congo tetra. I love aquariums, and my all-time favorite fish are Congo tetras. Just the colors alone - teal, gold, green...they're like little jewels and I love them so much.The Bloodfin Tetra is a mainstay of the freshwater fish hobby and for good reason. Bloodfin Tetra have silver bodies with an almost greenish hue (depending on the aquarium lighting) and red fins. A great freshwater beginner's fish, the Bloodfin Tetra will to tolerate a wide range of water parameters. Some hobbyists even keep them in cold water tanks or tanks without heaters. They will tolerate a lower temperature than other tropical fish, but use a heater to keep the temperature stable. Avoid widely fluctuating water temperatures that could stress your fish.Neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi), is a small fish, which belongs to the family of Characidae. This fish is very popular among the aquarium fish. These fishes are brightly colored thus, add beauty to the aquarium. They are very peaceful fish and stay very quietly in the aquarium. It is generally a freshwater fish. They have abdomen of silver-white color and light-blue back. It has a blue horizontal stripe along each side of this fish, starting from its nose to the base of the caudal fin. Some of them have olive-green sheen linings. At nights, the blue and red color changes into silver color when the fish rests. The neon tetra fish are shoaling fish, which likes to live in group. They grow up to a size of 3 cm in length.