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Read all about Ich, a disease that commonly afflicts fish in aquariums and learn how to combat it.
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This calculator uses "surface area" to determine fish stock levels rather than gallons or litres. This is better than a calculator that uses volume alone, such as the common how many fish per gallon rule. (Reference: .) The surface of your aquarium is where oxygen diffuses into the water. The more surface area, the more easily oxygen diffuses, and therefore the more fish your aquarium will support. For example, a tall, narrow 29 gallon aquarium cannot maintain as many fish as a standard rectangular 29 gallon tank because less water surface contacts air. NOTE: Calculations assume the use of an air stone or a that disturbs the surface. Adding more air stones will not increase the number of fish your tank will support.
In this portion of the site I'm going to ask you a few questions that will help knock out 80% of the most common problems with aquarium fish.
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This versatile feeder may be mounted on the aquarium hood or on the glass edge of the aquarium with the brackets provided. The Fish Mate F14 is suitable for feeding most popular types of tropical and cold water fish foods. With fourteen individual meal portions, it is possible to offer your fish a varied diet while you are away. Compact and reliable, the Fish Mate F14 is the ideal solution for feeding your aquarium fish while you are at work or on holiday. Fish nutritionists recommend that you feed your fish several small meals a day rather than one large one and the F14 facilitates this. In humid conditions it is recommended that a granular or pelleted type food be used rather than flake. There is also the clever option to attach an airline from a small aquarium air pump (not included) if required, this will blow dry air through the feeder to prevent the food from going stale and clogging. Suitable for small to medium sized aquariums (up to 150 litres), for larger or heavily stocked tanks use more than one feeder. Not suitable for outdoor ponds. Each year, total shipments of aquarium fish comprise the highest-value airfreight item departing from Tampa International Airport.
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Most species of fish for the marine aquarium trade, though, come from the wild. Worldwide, the marine aquarium industry is valued at between $200 million and $300 million, according to a 2003 . About 1.3 million American households have saltwater aquariums that are home to 9.3 million fish, a 2014 survey by the American Pet Products Association found.But every year the list grows. Advances in marine fish husbandry, especially when it comes to what to feed newly hatched fish, and growing awareness of the need to protect coral reefs have encouraged more investment in the captive-bred fish industry. Captive-bred fish also have a reputation for being healthier because they’re already accustomed to prepared aquarium foods and are less likely to have been exposed to diseases during a long shipment process.Some fishermen use cyanide to stun fish to make them easier to grab. The practice is more common for the food fish trade, but it still occurs at worrying levels in the aquarium trade.Live Delivery
Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish (DRAF) finds the primary concerns of aquarists ordering fish for the first time via "mail" involve the delivery itself. They want to know if the fish will get to them alive. This is a valid and logical concern. To ship fish so that they arrive at their destination alive and healthy, the source needs to know what it's doing.....and have all of the equipment necessary to do it! Plus.....it takes experience to determine a method of delivery that provides the best combination of safety, economy and convenience for each individual order.“It’s really about incentivizing habitat protection,” Rhyne says. The collection and trade of marine aquarium fish provides a valuable source of income to coastal communities. That in turn encourages communities to protect the reef ecosystem because their livelihoods depend on it. In short, a well-managed fishery creates value, and that value creates cause for protection.Aquarium guppies are super popular because you can keep them in a smaller tank and their bio-load is small. They also happen to be filled with bright colors making them beautiful and fun to watch. This site is a resource and community devoted to these awesome fish.