Freshwater Aquarium Fish Care Tips

Freshwater Aquarium Fish Care Tips
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API ® offers excellent products to accompany you throughout the life of your aquarium; water conditioners, fish care and plant care. We’ve made caring for your fish and aquarium easier with our great products and easy to follow guide.

To the left of your screen, the guide API ® Easy Care Guide lists the five key stages and all tips for making aquarium care easier.
Freshwater Aquarium Fish Care Tips
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If you see a build-up of debris in your aquarium, chances are it’s a breeding ground for fish diseases. Many of the bacteria and parasites that cause your fish to get sick thrive in dirty aquariums. Organic waste like dead algae cells, uneaten foods and coral slime can accumulate in areas with low water flow. Aquariums with a lot of organic matter tend to have a higher level of disease-causing organisms. This increases the likelihood that fish will get sick. The solution is easy. Siphon out those piles of sludge that collect in the corners of the reef aquarium and down in the sump. If you use filter socks, clean them often otherwise the organic solids simply dissolve and pollute the aquarium water. This fish care guideline is often ignored but is one the best tips for keeping your reef fish healthy. If you’re using a filter sock, clean it often. Freshwater Aquarium Fish Care Tips
Photo provided by FlickrFreshwater Aquarium Fish Care Tips
Photo provided by FlickrFreshwater Aquarium Fish Care Tips
Photo provided by Flickr
Aquarium Fish Care While On Vacation Tips - What to do?
Time for vacation! You've been working hard all year long and it's finally time for that well deserved vacation. Ah, just to think about it gives me the vacation fever. The time is drawing near and you suddenly realize - what the heck am I going to do about the aquarium and fish care? Who's going to feed the fish? What do I need to do to get my fish tank ready before I leave on my trip? There are several things to keep in mind and we'll try to help you get things in order before you leave so you can have a stress free and relaxing vacation not worrying about your fish and your aquarium!♥ Fish Care Tips ♥ A wonderful, easy-to-understand chart on cycling your fish tank! How to cycle your new fish tank. This explains exactly how to keep your water naturally clean and your fish healthy. It's called "cycling" your tank. This will make your tank maintenance much, much easier. You will have to do fewer water changes and have healthier fish! Cycled Aquarium: Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: Under 20 ppmTips to take care of GoldFish:

Water Temperature: The water temperature should never rise above 74 F (23.5 C) and ideally should remain between 65 & 68 F (18 and 20 C).
Aquarium Space: Keep your goldfish in a fish tank no smaller than a 10 gallon (38 Litres) with at least 6 gallon of space dedicated to each goldfish. Goldfish should never be kept in a bowl.
Water Filter: Perform weekly 10-15% water changes so that your goldfish always has clean water and so that any waste not processed by the aquarium filter is removed. When selecting a filter, if you have fancy goldfish, make sure that the filter will not produce excessive current in your fish tank as this will make it difficult for the fancy goldfish to swim.
Food: Your goldfish is an omnivorous, so provide him with a varied and high carbohydrate diet. There are many goldfish specific foods available at your local fish store. Goldfish have large appetites. Remove the leftover food from the tank immediately after 2-3 minutes when the fish stops eating, to avoid contaminating the water.
Companionship: Goldfish can be kept with fish with similar care requirements and temperaments.

♥ Fish Care Tips ♥ Best Aquarium Filters: Aquarists Survey ~ I had the Marineland Emporer 400. It is a good filter and will buy another when I do my freshwater tank to fish care tips| fish tank care | in urdu/hindi

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Thanks for the aquarium maintenance tips. My wife and I are going to buy an aquarium soon, and I want to make sure I know how to take care of it and the fish. I appreciate that you mentioned to vacuum the gravel every other week. I didn’t know it needed to be done that often, but I will be sure to schedule it.