Aquarium Filtration & Water Quality: Aquarium Filter Media Overview

There are three types of aquarium filter media - Mechanical, Biological and Chemical.
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Just as important as your aquarium filters are your filter media. They need to be changed out regularly in order to keep your tank water fresh. Whether you have a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, large tank or small, you'll need to ensure that you are using the right size filter media and the right type for your tank. Pet Mountain has a wide selection for your aquarium needs, including aquarium filter cartridges, bio wheel filtration equipment, filter pads, bags, sleeves, foam filter, activated carbon filters, bio balls, wholesale sponge filters, aquarium sleeves, filter bags and bio-media. We feature brands such as Rena, Marineland, Fluval, AquaClear and Blue Life.

One of the biggest mistakes made by novice aquarium enthusiasts deals with filtering the water properly. If you dont pay attention to how your water is being cleaned, you could have a real problem with your tank. So, be sure to do your research to ensure you are handling your filter media correctly. If there are any questions we can answer, please let us know.

There are different kinds of filter media available in the market today and it depends on the needs of your aquarium.
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When designing your aquarium, give careful consideration to the types of filters and filter media you will use. Your choices can make the difference between a healthy ecosystem or one in which the inhabitants must struggle daily to survive. So here are my top favourite alternate aquarium filtration media that will not only save you a ton of money, but also not be any less effective!
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium filter media improves water quality, influence the overall health of the aquarium and maintains the nitrogen cycle.
Photo provided by FlickrFilter media are essential for proper aquarium filtration and healthy aquarium inhabitants
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All aquarists appreciate the importance of a goodfiltration system, but the pros and cons of the different filter mediacan make choosing the right ones for your system rather baffling. Inthis guide, we'll be looking at the different media on sale and tryand figure out what's best for you.In an enclosed aquarium environment, toxic compounds can accumulate quickly. In fact, your fish never stop producing waste as they go about their day, therefore, continuous filtration is necessary to ensure their survival. It not only helps by removing harmful elements from the tank, but also traps debris, oxygenates the water and provides ideal surfaces for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to cultivate upon. A combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtration media are required to help you achieve optimal water conditions. Let’s explore these in greater detail.Before looking at the specifics of the different types offilter media, it's worth going over some of the basics. First ofall, it is important to realise that there are three different types offilter medium, and each performs a specific r"¢le in theaquarium. Biological filter media support the nitrifyingbacteria that turn the toxic nitrogenous wastes produced by fish intothe harmless nitrate that can be removed through water changes.Mechanical filter media strain out solid particles of waste,things like fish faeces, decaying plant leaves, and uneaten food. Whenthe filter is cleaned, the mechanical filter media can be rinsed andthe solid particles it has trapped washed away. Finally, chemicalfilter media chemically alters the water in some way. A popularchemical filter medium is peat, which adds tannins and other organiccompounds to the water, turning the water in the aquarium intosomething more closely resembling the tea-coloured blackwater favouredby many tropical fish.There are three types of aquarium filter media, mechanical, biological, and chemical. Often these 3 types can be combined within the same filter to enhance your aquarium filtration capacity. You can find most types of filter media at places such as .Because aquariums are a closed ecosystem, and often overcrowded, filtration is very important in creating a healthy environment for your fish. Choosing the proper aquarium filter media will helpyour fish to remain healthy.Carbon is the most common chemical filter media used in aquariums and works by binding impurities to its surface as water flows through the filter. Carbon, along with other chemical media, will eventually become saturated and should be replaced every month or so under normal conditions, or immediately if used for an isolated case (i.e. removing residual medication or clearing discoloured water). Fluval manufactures granulated , which offers a greater surface area for pollutant absorption versus extruded pellet carbons. It is also made with bituminous coal – the best possible raw ingredient for water filtration.