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Aquarium decorations are where you can really let your creative juices start flowing! From fishing lures and hockey pucks to Eiffel Towers and zombies, we’ve gotten lots of questions about new pieces you all have been considering for your aquariums. While I obviously cant cover every single object here, here are a few of the most common materials we’ve been seeing you consider and how suitable (or otherwise) they may be for your aquarium.
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Hi Erin,
Very generally, acrylic sealants can be used to coat an object to use in a tank. Using anything organic is risky though. Even a small crack or hole in the sealant will let water in over time and will get bigger and bigger. Most jaws that are sold in sea shell shops and as souvenirs have been bleached to make them whiter and adding them to an aquarium could release any chemicals they’ve soaked up into the water. Depending on the water parameters, they can also start to dissolve and release calcium into the water which would affect the pH and hardness. Other animals like starfish would almost certainly start to decompose once they get exposed to any moisture. A safer approach if you would like the look of saltwater animals in a freshwater tank would be to go with ornaments. We have some very realistic-looking and you may be able to find a resin shark jaw ornaments as well (we’ve carried some in the past that we’ve unfortunately since discontinued). Forgotten Castle Ruins Cave 113 ~ aquarium ornament fish tank decoration
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The lighting makes a huge difference in all the GloFish products. The plants, ornaments and backgrounds are all color-changing based on the different modes of light, as provided by the Glofish Cycle Lights: Sunlight brings out the vibrancy of the fish and the decor in the day, Moonlight brings out the fluorescent colors in the light, and Midnight mode is what catalyzes the decor to change color. For those who want to create an aquatic light show right in their own aquariums, there is Twilight mode, which cycles from Moonlight to Midnight, highlighting all the color changes that will happen in the tank.First, your fish tank will look better if it is nicely decorated. Awell decorated aquarium can be a very nice accent to almost any roomin your home or business. The decorations make the tank more appealingand help the tank work with the other decor in the room. Nicedecorating, or aquascaping, can make the tank much more attractive andappealing in itself, and can also enhance the soothing effects thataquariums are known for. Decorations create the atmosphere your fishlive in and you look at.This is actually a very common question for new aquariumowners. Decorations are a very important aspect of youraquarium. There are two significant reasons to decorate your homeaquarium.For most fish, 50-75% cover is appropriate. This means that a lotof your tank will be taken up with decorating material. However, thisalso means that your fish feel that they have never really left theirsanctuary, and if the decorations are properly arranged, you willprobably be able to better observe even the shiest specimens in youraquarium. Remember, only edges and fringe areas provide good cover;putting a big rock in the tank may fill half of it, but it providesvery little cover.Though some people do like to use to decorate theirfish tanks, I encourage you to only use items purchased at a as an aquarium decoration todecorate your fish tank.Hi, This is my first concrete project. I wanted to make something out of concrete, so i have decided to make an aquarium decor for my Fish TankLets ...