Quick-Draw Box Filter is an aquarium corner filter.

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The best types of aquarium filters today such as power (HOB), canister, internal, corner (box), sponge filters… are all useful if you know what fish tank types they are intended for. For choosing the right filter for fish tank, firstly you should understand the mechanism behind these filters and how do they work? In this article, I will outline some of the most popular aquarium filter types to help you know which is the best one for your fish tank.
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An Aquarium Masters Reef Ready Framed Aquarium has a frame on top and bottom, and one or more prefilters installed, is drilled in one or more corners of the aquarium and or the center, and uses Distoration-free glass & Diamond polished edges and has the features listed below. New XY-2011 Air Driven Biochemical Bio Corner Sponge Filter for Aquarium Fish TankNew item with high quality
Photo provided by FlickrIdeal for small aquariums and aquarium kits. Lee's low-cost, high-quality Economy Corner filter keeps tanks sparkling clean withou
Photo provided by FlickrFeatures: Ideal for small aquariums and aquarium kits, Lee's low-cost, high-quality Economy Corner filter keeps tanks sparkling cl
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The above described filtering system is know in the art as a corner filter, or box type filter. In using these filters two major drawbacks are encountered. First of all, it is extremely difficult to position the filter in the fish tank in a manner so that it remains submerged in the water for use as a filter. There is a tendency for the filter to rise up to the top of the tank if not securely positioned for use, especially when air is blown into the system to form the necessary water current. In order to solve this problem it is common to place the filter cavity upon a base unit which may be buried under the bottom material of the aquarium. This bottom material, often a gravel type substance, holds the base and filter unit under the aquarium water and prevents it from floating to the surface. Ideal for small aquariums and aquarium kits. Lee's® low-cost, high-quality Economy Corner filter keeps tanks sparkling clean without the use of an airstone. The basket insert is injection-molded to eliminate unstable tubes.It is also known in the art to position a box or corner type filter within the aquarium by attaching it to the wall of the aquarium. Often suction cups are used to attach the filter to the wall of the aquarium. While less disruption is caused when the filtering material used in this type of filter is changed, the entire filter must be removed from the tank. Again, the filter must be fully repositioned in the tank after the filtering material is changed. In order to clean the filter cavity the air tubing from the outside air source must be disconnected from the filter. Repositioning the filter in the tank and reconnecting the tubing can be difficult, messy, and often results in disruption to the fish tank. Further, a preferred embodiment of the present invention incorporates, in addition to the above described sleeve mounting unit, the ability to use a cartridge filter material. The filter cavity is formed in such a manner so that it can accept a cartridge and so that the water is drawn through the cartridge when the filter is in use. By the combination of these two features the present invention forms an extremely effective filtering system which allows for quick and efficient changing of the filtering material. When the filter cavity housing is disconnected from the sleeve unit, the soiled filtering material cartridge may be shaken out of the filter cavity without requiring the hobbyist to contact the soiled cartridge. The filter of this invention thereby provides for the proper maintenance of clean aquarium water with a minimum of mess, effort and disruption of the aquarium. The aquarium filter of the present invention is of the type which is attached to the side wall of the aquarium preferably in the corner of the tank. The invention defined by the claims is directed to the problems relating to repositioning of the filter and reconnecting of the filter tubing which are encountered in the use of known filter units of this type. The present filter unit is provided with a sleeve unit which may be attached to the inside wall of the aquarium. The walls of the sleeve unit when in contact with the back wall of the filter cavity housing forms a chamber for the passage of the water and air bubbles. This sleeve unit has attached thereto a mechanism for producing the air bubbles necessary to establish the water current. The air tube from the outside air source is attached to the bubbling mechanism in the sleeve unit. The filter cavity housing is removably attached to the sleeve unit. When the sleeve unit is attached to the wall of the aquarium the filter cavity is secured in position on the inside of the aquarium by attaching the filter cavity housing to the sleeve unit. The filter cavity may be removed from the aquarium in order to change the filtering material by simply detaching the filter cavity housing from the sleeve unit. The sleeve unit remains securely in position on the wall of the aquarium. It is not necessary to reposition the sleeve unit in the tank. Therefore, when the filter material requires changing the filter cavity may be quickly and easily removed from the sleeve unit and then reattached to the sleeve unit which remains attached to the aquarium wall. Because of this there is little or no disruption to the aquarium, and excessive clouding does not occur. Also, since the bubbling mechanism and air tubing are positioned on the sleeve unit the attachment to the outside air source may be maintained during the operation of changing the filter material in the filter cavity. By eliminating the necessity to disconnect, and reconnect the air tubing, the filter material may be changed in a quick, easy and efficient manner with a minimum of disruption to the aquarium. The corner box filter is still one of the more common air-driven aquarium filters. It is basically a box that sits inside your aquarium that can contain various filter media and is often powered by an air pump.