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A check valve on your aquarium allows you to control the amount of air that will flow to your inside box filters, aquarium decorations and air stones. The check valve sits inside the air line tubing and regulates air flow through the tubing. Installing the check valve is not difficult, but you do need to have the right equipment to do the job.
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are widely used in aquariums to drive filters, air curtains and other equipment. To effectively use an air pump, several accessories are useful. Those accessories may include a check valve, which should be considered mandatory with all air pumps, as well as airline tubing, gang valves and pipe valves or t connectors. This accessories primer explains how to use them and what to look for when choosing them. Air Check Valve by TOM Aquarium Products cleans air and prevents water back-up.
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Directions: Simply cut airline at convenient location between air pump and first outlet. Ensure that colored end is furthest from the air pump outlet. Attach airline to both ends of check valve. If air does not flow when pump is turned on, ensure that check valve is properly inserted; reverse if necessary. Fits standard aquarium airline tubing. Explanation of what check valves are used for in reef aquaria and the benefits of the different types.

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