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If you're reading this, then "Yes" it is still available. I will "NOT" reply to your "Is this still available" emails.

I may consider a full or partial trade. Especially interested in a large air compressor or a decent pressure washer. Am open to other possibilities.

Sale includes "TWO" aquariums:

"50" gallon aquarium with light, Marineland over the tank filter, under gravel filter, air pump, decorative items, back drop, power heads, net, heater, decorations, cabinet/stand (as seen in the pictures), and more.

"10" gallon breeder tank with another over the tank filter, back drop, light, one small unopened bag of gravel..

There are a total of three filters included in this sale...two over the tank and one under the gravel. filters.

This cabinet has significant reinforcement inside, to accommodate the weight of this aquarium.

The wood shelf directly above the aquarium is designed to easily lift up for complete removal, for easily servicing the aquarium and filter.

Selling only because I no longer use. Does NOT leak.

Aquarium measurements: 36" long, 17" tall, 18" deep

Stand measurements: 43" wide at widest point, 24" deep, 71" tall. All cabinet measurements are rounded up to next whole number.

Yes, I may consider a full or partial trade.
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