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MarinePure is used to replace conventional wet dry filtration like bio balls and bio bail with a reef safe ceramic material which can have thousands of times more surface area. The media can also be used in the sump to provide additional surface area in saltwater aquariums with heavy fish loads or insufficient amounts of live rock.

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Bio Balls Good or Bad? - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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There are many forms of biological filter materials (balls, ceramic rings, foam, pellets, stars) used for aquariums. Some are more efficient than others, while some are easier to maintain. Here are some of the top biological filter media on the market today. Bio balls - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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bio balls for ponds, bio balls vs ceramic rings, bio balls freshwater, bio balls for sale, bio balls for aquarium, sump bio balls, do you clean bio balls, bio balls for sale bulk.It is NOT the bio-balls in a or other type of inert biological filter that go BAD! Just like with an , it is the "lack of " that turns them into a factory. If you periodically rinse them off and keep them clean, nitrate and bio-balls woes should decrease, as long as this is the sole source of the nitrate problem in the aquarium.BioMate filter media balls are popular and increase biological activity and aeration. Consumers can choose between foam filled Biomate balls, carbon-filled, or ceramic-filled balls, depending on their requirements. These Bio balls work great in ponds or large freshwater aquariums. The exterior of the balls encourages beneficial bacteria buildup for effective filtration.The second thing I found out was that bioballs do much better out of water. I redid my trickle filter, installing an egg crate plate on about 4 inch PVC standoffs to keep them out of the water. The oxygen level improved slightly, and the redox reading improved. (Redox readings, on a very simplified basis in an aquarium, can sort of be though of as a measure of pollution or water quality. It's a lot more complex that that, but it's a place to start)