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Each tank/cage will need it's own water bottle. There are a number of styles and most come with a simple wire hanger to use with cages. If you are using an aquarium you will need to purchase a special bottle holder/shield. Be sure that the tip of the water bottle is well above the bedding. If the tip comes in contact with the bedding or other material it will drain out in a matter of hours. Even though gerbils are a desert animal they require clean, fresh water at all times.
Keep your aquarium out of the kitchen to prevent contact between dirty bedding and counters, utensils or food.
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On the other hand, a large aquarium with its solid siding accommodates plenty of bedding for enthusiastic digging and tunneling and keeps the surrounding area tidy. It also lets in light; gerbils are diurnal animals, meaning active during the day, so need to be placed near a window (but not in direct sun) so they can experience cycles of day and night. 37 items - Find cheap aquarium bedding for free shipping, worldwide delivery.
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