When to use air stones in aquariums?

Where do you put an air stone in an aquarium?
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attach to the end of a piece of air line tubing and disperse air bubbles into the water. This aerates the water, but an aquarium with an external power filter with a BIO-Wheel doesn't need more aeration, so air stones and bubble-wands are just to improve the appearance and are not needed to filter or aerate the water, provided your aquarium has an aquarium filter with a BIO-Wheel.
i want the round 4.5" air stone that goes under the aquarium gravel.
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My question is - do most people in the hobby of planted aquariums use an air stone or just agitate the surface of the water water with a filter output. Aquarium Air Pumps: Fish Tank Air Stones | PetSmart
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With the exception of some almost any use of an in an aquarium will be more effectiveif you are using an air stone in conjunction with that pump.I was told at the pet store one time that before you use a new air stone in the aquarium, to soak it for about an hour in water and it will produce bubbles better. Or if that doesn't help, maybe the pump isn't giving it enough air. Maybe it needs a stronger air pump.So, first, the type of air stone... In situations where I have hadneed or desire to use an air stone, I have found that the compressedglass bead air stones tend to be the best - with one exception - Ifyou are using an air stone driven on your marine aquarium, the wooden air stones give off afiner cascade of bubbles and therefore make the skimmer much moreefficient.You can also plug up the end of the hose that is connected to the pump and poke small holes into the line. One small item that will work to achieve this is a piece of aquarium gravel to close off the end of the hose. This will also produce bubbles to the effect of a traditional air stone.eBay offers an extensive catalog of air stones of varying sizes, shapes, and levels of coarseness. To check out what they offer, simply type "air stones" into eBay's search bar. To get to a specific product, you can narrow down your search by clicking the "Aquarium Air Stones" category under pet supplies. In addition, you can also use search filters like brand, condition, and water type.Air stones can be made of ceramic, glass, or becoming more in vogue, wood. Wood stones can be easily made at home with different kinds of woods that are readily obtained, but the most common wood used is limewood. This type of air stone is supposed to be ideal for air driven , and they are inexpensive to make. These air stones are also available on the market, like by Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products.So, if the water surface area of an aquarium is where the main exchange of gasses occurs, then why use air stones and have bubbles in an aquarium at all? Because they do have their benefits.The typical airstone is a porous blue stone (ceramic), with a plastic nozzle which takes 6mm diameter air hose. However they are also available in many different sizes and colours to suit the aquarium décor.