Aquarium Airline Anti-siphon Check Valve

Hagen Elite Aquarium Airline Check Valve
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Air pumps sit outside the aquarium and feed air into the water through an airline. An airline is a thin plastic tube which is attached to the air pump outside the aquarium and takes the air from the pump into the aquarium. Airline is a standard diameter, you simply buy as much as you need for the arrangement you want. If you choose the blue silicone airline be warned that over time it contracts where it is in the water, so make sure you leave enough ‘slack’ to account for this inside the aquarium. Airline tends to go stiff with age so you may need to replace it if you decide to alter your layout at any point.
Airline Holder 6 pack for Aquarium Air Tubing
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at the minute ive put the duckbill outlet can anyone tell me what the difference is with the venturi and airline does this work as air pump aswell been as the airline comes out the aquarium ? 500 ft. Aquarium Silicone Air Line Tubing
Photo provided by Flickr500 ft. Aquarium Silicone Air Line Tubing
Photo provided by FlickrCoupling to connect two aquarium air lines together.
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What frustrates me are these aquarium ornaments such as bi-valve clams which are supposed to open and close when an airline is connected to their attached stem and then to an air pump, but the ornament doesn't work. It just sits there and does nothing, despite having air pumped into it.No more do you have to look at ugly airline tubing defacing your aquarium! This green airline tubing is cleverly disguised as a beautiful green Cabomba plant. Uses low buoyancy miniature air-line tubing, with no loss of air output efficiency.Air lines can easily become water lines. Although there was no siphon when I went to bed, it formed anyway. Keep your air lines (and air pump) above the aquarium! In the 5 hours I was asleep, 2-3 inches of water siphoned out of my 1 ft x 2 ft aquarium. That's 2.5-3.7 gallons of water. Accounting for gravel, that's about 17% of the water. If this had happened on a weekend that I wasn't home, my fish would have been dead, and my computer equipment would have been destroyed.1/4 Drip Line Fittings found in your lawn and garden department work just as well on your 1/4 standard airline hose for your aquarium. They take a little more effort to get on, but at 1/3 the cost, I hope you agree it's a sweet little tip to save some money!

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This is a two piece bulkhead that can be used to pass a standard size aquarium airline through a thin walled vessel. I use it to pass airlines through the walls of algae reactors, but the same concept could be used for other tasks such as hydroponics. attach to the end of a piece of air line tubing and disperse air bubbles into the water. This aerates the water, but an aquarium with an external power filter with a BIO-Wheel doesn't need more aeration, so air stones and bubble-wands are just to improve the appearance and are not needed to filter or aerate the water, provided your aquarium has an aquarium filter with a BIO-Wheel.