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Setting up a new aquarium doesn’t have to be time consuming, hard or frustrating – a little planning, patience and a few water changes will make the first 30 days go by quickly and uneventfully. Remember, if in doubt – change some of the water, it won’t hurt and mostly likely will fix the problem. Get past the first 30 days and you’ll find that an aquarium is an easy, beautiful addition to your house or office. To keep it that way, change 25% of the water once a month and clean your filter once a month. Do this and pretty soon you’ll find yourself back at the fish store checking out another tank even bigger than your first one. Enjoy!
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Can the problems I described here be avoided? The technical answer is no; a newly set-up aquarium has to go through what is termed the break-in period, or cycling where sufficient numbers of nitrifying bacteria become established. But in reality, the problem can be lessened and the work load (meaning the amount and frequency of water changes) reduced if you will have patience and restrain yourself from adding too many fish too quickly to a newly set-up aquarium. Add small fish that don’t require a lot of feed. Don’t feed more than twice a day and only what the fish will immediately consume. If there is food on the tank bottom, you are feeding too much – remove the uneaten feed and reduce the amount you are putting in the aquarium.
The final issue to discuss is when to clean the filter – after all it has only been 30 days, does the filter really need to be cleaned? The answer is that it never hurts to clean your aquarium filter, especially the mechanical component. Cleaning can be a simple as rinsing it under some tap water for a few seconds to get rid of the grunge trapped on it. If you have only a few fish and have not been overfeeding, then a quick check of the filter and rinse of the mechanical pad is probably all that is needed. Buy Aqua Fish Tank Black Gray Coral Decor Ornament 21x3x30cm with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg!
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