Angelfish Breeding Tank Setup - YouTube

my angelfish tank setup - YouTube
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There’s not much you can do, unless you have another tank setup and you can remove the items they laid the eggs on. But angelfish are usually pretty decent parents, so you might see some survive if they parents protect them.
Angelfish Breeding Tank Setup
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Everybody who love fish want a big and most beautiful aquarium tank. Somebody like saltwater fish. Because there are a lot of fish breeds which are colorful. We search and prepared a video about saltwater large angelfish breeds.

Information About Large Angelfish breeds and all species:
1-Blue ring angelfish, annularis angelfish /Pomacanthus annularis
2-Arabian angelfish, Asfur angelfish /Pomacanthus asfur
3-Bellus angelfish /Genicanthus bellus
4-Blue angelfish/Holacanthus bermudensis
5-Bluespotted angelfish/Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus
6-Blueface angelfish/Euxiphipops xanthometopon
7-Cortez angelfish /Pomacanthus zonipectus
8-Emperor angelfish/Pomacanthus imperator
9-French angelfish/Pomacanthus paru
10-Gray angelfish /Pomacanthus arcuatus
11-Griffis angelfish/Apolemichthys griffisi
12-Half-moon angelfish/Pomacanthus maculosus
13-Koran angelfish/Pomacanthus semicirculatus
14-Majestic angelfish or blue girdled angelfish /Pomacanthus navarchus
15-Passer angelfish or King angelfish/Holacanthus passer
16-Personifer angelfish/Chaetodontoplus meridithii
17-Queen angelfish/Holacanthus ciliaris
18-Rock beauty/Holacanthus tricolor
19 Royal angelfish/Pygoplites diacanthus
20 Scribbled angelfish/Chaetodontoplus duboulayi
21 Japanese swallow angelfish/Genicanthus semifasciatus
22 Yellowtail angelfish/Apolemichthys xanthurus

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Photo provided by FlickrWish I had this tank setup before since petsmart just had a $1 angelfish sale.
Photo provided by FlickrFinally Done - Angelfish Tank Setup ..
Photo provided by Flickr
The Bicolor Angelfish (Two Color Angelfish) is yellow on the front half, the back half is a royal blue and they have a saddle like blue over the eye region. The Bicolor Angelfish is a dwarf angelfish that is commonly available at the saltwater fish store and is usually in the $20-$30 price range. Although this fish is not as colorful as the it is still quite striking and will make a beautiful addition to the right saltwater tank setup.Tank Size and Water Conditions: The Angelfish aquarium setup should not be based on the initial size of the fish at purchase or capture because they do grow larger. Angelfish enjoy having plenty of space to swim about in and tend to be territorial as well as somewhat aggressive, therefore the tank size will also depend on the number of fish that will be in the tank. The optimum water conditions for the aquarium setup for angelfish are a pH of between 6.5 and 6.9, water that is soft and slightly acidic, and temperatures of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Water quality is a key component for the Angelfish and must be kept in check by changing it frequently.The Bicolor Angelfish has a reputation as being difficult to keep and are deemed not as hardy as some of the other . It may depend on the location the Bicolor Angelfish are coming from because some of the fish collectors may have questionable collecting practices. With that little tidbit in mind you may want to take some extra time when them to your saltwater aquarium. Only add them to well-established tanks, preferably an aquarium that has been setup up for at least 6 months.Companions: Another key component of the Angelfish aquarium setup is the other fish species that will be residing in the tank alongside the Angelfish. It is important to ensure that you do not include fish that may be eaten by the Angelfish, or fish that are likely to try and attack the Angelfish. A preferable tank setup for Angelfish is one that has fish such as Cory catfish, mid-sized tetras, cichlids and fish that are comfortable to live in similar conditions as the Angelfish and whose eating habits will not affect the water quality or the deprive the Angelfish of food. As mentioned earlier, the size of your aquarium will also determine the number and physical size of the occupants of the aquarium.