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Located next to the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico
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I now live in Albuquerque and I come here with my 3 year old daughter about once a week. The zoo is charming, well planned and easily done in a few hours. The exhibits are well maintained and the animals are obviously well cared for. There is a childrens play area but it has been "closed for repairs" for several months now.
If you're making a whole day of it be sure to buy the train tickets so you can see the whole park (aquairum and botanical gardens as well) - it's an extra 2.00 per person. It takes about 20 min to get to the aquarium from the zoo and the kids will enjoy the ride.
If you have little ones and you go to the gardens you MUST go to the children's fantasy garden! It will be the first thing on your left as you enter the gardens and it is absolutely delightful. You get "smaller" was you enter and see everything from a wonderful new perspective. I guarantee your kids will love it.
The rest of the gardens are well manicured and beautiful - the highlights are the Japanese gardens and the working farm.
The aquarium itself is small and all the tanks/displays are easy to see and informative. The tunnel with large eels and grouper and the huge cylindrical tank of jellyfish illuminated in neon blue are two of my favorite exhibits. There is a petting tank - mostly juvenile stingrays - as well but it is not always open. There is a restaraunt there called Shark Reef cafe wich serves excellent food at good prices and one whole wall is one side of the large tank - the view is spectacular!
I would place the Albuquerque bio park as one the best nature preserves I have ever seen.
Adults are 7.00 - kids under 3 are free, seniors 65+ are 3.00. they take reciprocal membership cards (other zoo memberships) for a half price discount.
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What a great surprise to discover such a FANTASTIC Aquarium in a small city! The displays are creative and captivating throughout! There are both open and enclosed viewing tanks. The most amazing to us was the open pool of manta rays and the submarine viewing ports below where you could look directly at the underbelly of huge manta's and other large fish. To a child it appears they can touch them as there is only a 1/2 inch portal of glass separating human from stinging ray. The enclosed overhead displays of both large and small varieties of fish was interestingly beautiful to all ages touring through the aquarium. There is a 'hands on' display on the upper deck with professional handlers that allow the children to touch various types of live sea creatures. It's fun to watch their reactions. There are also ducks, geese, small birds, and an old fishing trawler with antique dock outside the aquarium. There is a train that runs every 1/2 hour on the Bio-Park property over to the zoo [2.3 miles]. Unlike Cliff's Amusement Park in Albuquerque, you can bring your own food & drinks into the Bio-Park and Zoo which I HIGHLY recommend as the food/drinks inside the parks is really AWFUL and overpriced. Even the Dippin' Dot stand by Central Park inside the zoo was out of everything. It is well worth purchasing discount tickets online for the Bio-Park, Aquarium, Zoo, and Train Ride. It's so much fun for everyone! This aquarium is not large but surprisingly interesting and well-done given the size of Albuquerque and its proximity to the ocean!!!
Photo provided by FlickrThe ABQ BioPark is a unique environmental museum comprising four facilities. Albuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Rio Grande Zoo and.
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The ABQ BioPark is a unique environmental museum comprising four facilities.Albuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Rio Grande Zoo and Tingley Beach (fishing lakes). Our mission is to provide Albuquerque residents and visitors with exciting new recreational opportunities and to foster environmental awareness, education and stewardship. The BioPark is a division of the City of Albuquerque's Cultural Services Department.The Albuquerque BioPark military discount gives a price break to active and non-active military personnel visiting the BioPark Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanic Garden. That’s a very good move to thank our service men and women.The Albuquerque aquarium at the BioPark was a very nice experience. It is reasonably priced ($9.00 each for two), which would have included the botanical gardens had we had time to view both. Great value. The fish exhibits were great, but the entrance is odd. There were several locations to buy tickets, but you had to stand in line a second time in another ticket line to gain the entrance to the aquarium. And nobody checked our ticket to enter. Strange. The traffic flow was very poorly laid out. But once inside, the aquarium was nice and with good visibility of many colorful fish. They had a tank with larger species as well and everything was well labeled with interpretive signs. Aquariums are always a good time and the animals were in clean, well-lit habitats. This was a good activity for a hot July afternoon.Albuquerque Aquarium - Albuquerque Aquarium Hotel ... We are pleased to offer discount prices through our special Internet rates on many Albuquerque Aquarium ...