Our 5 Inch Albino Shark - YouTube

The rainbow shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum) is a species of Southeast Asian freshwater fish ..
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hi im quite new to the tropical fish keeping hobby.I'll tell you what i have
2x albino sharks
2x algae eaters
3x male gupies
2x bolivian rams
1x black ghost knife fish
1x albino cory
1x bulldog plec
1x silver shark
1x male siamese fighter
3x female fighter
6x mollies
every fish lives in harmony with one an other it's a fantastic tank but how can i breed my fighters

I've been feeding my rainbow shark fish and albino shark fish tropical fish flakes, but I've read that they also eat shrimp, tuna, etc
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this is an update to the progress. The plants are growing healthy. I lost a silver shark and a catfish after they jumped out of the tank. I replaced the shark but I am ...

Here is a video of my lovely fishtanks. I have a wide selection of fresh water fish including a beta, a wide selection of tetras, platys, mollies and swordtails also ...

55 Gallon Freshwater Tropical Fish Tank Just a video showing my 55 Gallon Fish Tank: My Current Stock is: 1 Red Tail Shark 1 Rainbow Shark 1 Albino ...

Today I got 4 New fish for my 67L Tropical Fish Tank. 2 Silver Sharks 2 Indian Alge Eaters Sub & Comment.

Silver shark or Bala shark is a tropic fish which has got colorful tain and fins. So many people choose this great fish breed for their tropic

Silver shark is a tropical fish for freshwater aquariums

Silver shark is a tropical fish for freshwater aquariums Albino Rainbow Sharks are an albino color variant of the popular Rainbow Shark tropical community aquarium fish
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Photo provided by FlickrNative to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia Max size up to 6” Temp: 72-78F pH: 6.5 – 8.0
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