Would the spotted african leaf fish fit in with these tankmates?

Africa; African leaffish are to be found in the waterways of Cameroon and Nigeria.
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I have a quick question about the Leopard Ctenopoma (spotted African leaf fish locally bought from PetSmart). Is there any other way to tell the Sex of the fish? I have two, bought at the same time, and one of them grew significantly quicker and remained larger than the other. Does this have anything to do with telling it is a Male of Female. The spines on the gill, I cannot tell by going that route.
Leopard Bush Fish,Leopard Ctenopomas, Ctenopoma acutirostre, Spotted African Leaf Fish
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I have seen Spotted African Leafs in tanks with cichlids, of course the more calm cichlids like the ones I have. And later on this year, I am hoping to upgrade to a 55 or 60 gallon tank. If I feel it will be an issue, I might wait until I get the larger tank before I add a non-cichlid. Because then I would just put all the cichlids in the larger thank and use the 29 for the leaf fish. Info on the spotted african leaf fish, water sprite, and how to deal with plant die back.
Photo provided by FlickrAfrican leaf fish eating bloodworms. You may also notice live aquarium plants.
Photo provided by Flickrim planning on getting a few african leaf fish and i have many questions.
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You can find leopard ctenomas under a variety of names. The least logical has to be spotted climbing perch. All the anabas I've run across are nasty little critters. Ctenopomas (spotted and otherwise) are more on the friendly side. Other names include bush fish, bush master, leopard bush fish, African spotted fish, African spotted gourami, leopard gourami, Congo gourami, Congo perch, and often African leaf fish. They do resemble leaf fish in shape and attitude.Hey guys, this is a video on my Spotted African Leaf Fish (Leopard Ctenopoma) hunting down some live shrimp (Ghost Shrimp). I feed them live shrimp every other week as like a treat. Its cool to watch them hunt on their prey! Hope you enjoy!


Tags: spotted african leaf fish hunting live shrimp food ghost shrimp ctenopoma acutirostre 30 gallon tank freshwater aquarium aquatic Leopard Ctenopoma Gourami bushfish Spotted climbing perch cichlidI got a new fish he is a Spotted African leaf fish. I feed him freeze dried bloodworms and all of my other fish seem to like it. Right now he is a juvinial but hopefully he will live to be a adult. Thatfishtankman63 has an adult african leaf fish check his channel out please
I found all the information here very helpful. I bought 1 "African leaf fish" as that's what it was labeled at petsmart, and LOVE him! Super cute and did hide for a while but he's great now and loves frozen blood worms and does eat flake food as well. I didn't know that they were not good as pairs before buying my 2nd one tonight... hopeful it all works out :) From: Josh NicholsSpotted African Leaf Fish with Snakeskin Gourami, African Featherfin squeaker Catfish, Congo Tetras, Clown Loaches and more. 125 gallon freshwater planted tank.
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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ()South American leaf fish prefer dimly lit tanks and well planted tanks -- sort of a contradiction but not quite. Just use some of the low-light loving plants, i.e., Java fern, cryptocorynes, African water ferns or plastic plants. You can help shade their tank with floating watersprite, duckweed, or crystalwort.