Adopting a fish increases the number of fish in our program.

Adopting a fish costs $315 och the tag can provide information for two years after activation.
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Not everyone who wants to adopt a koi can have one. Sometimes well-meaning homeowners attempt to rescue koi on their own and don’t realize the danger of mixing fish with different immunities, or they mistakenly put the fish in tap water, which has chlorine that will burn their gills and kill them.
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The other option is to which can also be found on the internet. This option will allow you not only to adopt a discus fish but also other varieties like etc. One can also inquire the local pet store. Really. "Adopting" a Betta fish is pretty great. They do not talk back either.
Photo provided by FlickrAdopt a Baby Fish is available to individuals or families all year round.  Order now!
Photo provided by FlickrThough you can't walk a CAN adopt one and help the river
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The way a group rescue typically works is everyone shows up at a designated date and time, everyone helps catch the fish and then those fish are divided up after the pond has been drained. Usually taking turns, one person picks one fish, then the next etc. till all fish have been adopted. You are NOT required to take any fish home, anyone is welcome to just help catch the fish. Adopting a fish is a great way of enhancing science projects in school, promoting an organization or business, or to give as a gift to someone that's interested in striped bass and the future of this living resource. Updated information about the movement of your adopted fish will be posted online. Please note that this is a wild animal – your adopted fish may get eaten by a predator, caught by an angler or die from disease. Sometimes fish simply decide to leave the area where their tags can be heard, so there is no way of guaranteeing that your fish will be recorded a specific number of times or at certain intervals. It is important to remember that even fish that somehow leave system provide important information about the population structure of striped bass. I actually got a pet fish today, primarily because I could not get a puppy or any other type of animal for that matter, so I got a Betta fish. I named him Oscar because I put him in his new fish tank and he got just a bit grouchy. I have adopted him as my little buddy and we plan to take on the world. Here are just a few reasons you should consider adopting a fish; particularly a Betta fish.Choose one of the six species above by clicking the photo. On the adoption page, choose your fish. There are thirty fish to choose from, and a plan for everyone’s budget. There’s even some great fishtracker gear to go with your donation! You can pay through paypal using your credit or debit card, or download the brochure below, and send your adoption by mail. A portion of your donation will be used to support the outreach and education efforts of the .
To own a discus has become even simpler due to this reason for one can just walk up to a store that sells aquarium fishes and buy one. This has a downside too for many people buy these delicate creatures as a novelty without realizing that it is not all that simple to maintain them. These discus fishes require a great deal of attention. They need to have the right kind of water quality, temperature, ph level and salinity to thrive and procreate. It is due to this reason there are many discus fish (and other fishes too) that are up for adoption.