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We use only full gauge high quality acrylics in the construction of our aquariums. They are all produced from either Polycast, Plexiglas, or (if larger) Reynolds brand acrylic. These brands of acrylics are widely recognized by reputable aquarium manufacturers and the plastics industry as the highest quality acrylics available. No off-brand imported acrylics allowed. Insist that your investment is produced from a quality product as no other will perform as well in the long run.
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Now that I've said all that, let me say I've owned an acrylic tank and I will never own another one. For all the good points it has, there is one you will curse it for, scratches, almost if you just look at it. The only acrylic tank I will use is a sump tank, It is inevitable that you will scratch the inside of the aquarium and to buff out the scratches, you have to drain the tank, it is a b***h! Most of the time you simply won't do it, but when you do, you will curse the day you purchased an acrylic tank. . If this is something your dead set on, then I wish you the best of luck (especially when cleaning algae off the sides). Storing acrylic aquarium outside - Reef Central Online Community
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Fish hobbyists buy fish tanks through Tropical Fish Store, your online source for saltwater aquariums. We offer custom acrylic aquariums at affordable prices.With our well-equipped shop, extensive experience, and large thermoforming oven we have full fabrication capabilities and are able to offer tanks of any size and virtually any shape, limited only by your imagination. We are likely able to make your dream tank affordable when other manufacturers cannot, and specialize in large aquariums and custom shapes. Attention to detail and quality is of high importance. We do not work with glass, only acrylic.A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business. When dramatic is the only way to go, a custom made aquarium is ready to fit the bill. When choosing a company to create your custom built aquarium, you want to find a trusted company that has a perfect understanding of the intricate designs, stability issues and materials needed for high volume aquariums. Consumers who choose custom built fish tanks are those that are often not appeased by the normal aquarium offerings. Many custom fish tanks are created to hold thousands of gallons of water. These huge eco-systems, needs to be cut with precision, molded to perfection and assembled with the best quality materials available today. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing offers this and more. Even if you know that a custom made fish tank is what you are looking for, you may not know how to spot the right one for you and your area. The first consideration is the size and height of the area in which the custom fish tank will sit. If you have only a small space and want a larger aquarium, you may have to go taller rather than longer or wider. Another consideration is the use for which the tank will be presented. If you want to pull people into your business, the more intricate and exotic the better. If you are trying to add the feng shui element of water to your home, a more simple design may meet your needs. The best part of having a custom made fish tank created to your specifications is the fact that whatever the intended use of the fish tank, one can be created exactly for your space and your style. Above the floor, below the floor, in the wall or in the center of a room, the aquarium you choose to design can be placed anywhere, literally anywhere, you could ever imagine.I prefer to focus on what's inside an aquarium. Quite honestly, acrylic aquariums are NOT that tough. Urchins , snails, certain fishes (see the recent Quoyi Parrotfish thread in the fish only forum) can scratch acrylic and scratch removal from acrylic (especially a 180 and larger) is NOT easy.