90 gallon reef ready All Glass Aquarium $295

90 Gallon Reef Aquarium & 20 Gallon DIY Sump (New Setup) - YouTube
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For the past several months we have been working in conjunction with the marine science laboratory at the University of Miami and the UM Aquarium Club (UMAC) in the development of a 90-gallon Caribbean reef biotope. The backstory as to how and why we got involved in this project is more or less as follows…
90 Gallon Reef Aquarium
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How to Setup and Rebuild a 90 gallon saltwater reef tank Aquarium Day 1. Installed electrical equipment inside of stand. By NewYorkSteelo.

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Photo provided by Flickr90 Gallon Reef Aquarium Saltwater Fish Tank Setup
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On this page I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with my aquarium hobby. I call this page "My Sea". Back in the mid 1990's, I contemplated setting up a salt water aquarium. I had always wanted to try one, but everyone always told me that they were too hard to take care of and all kinds of weird things could go wrong and cause all of the fish to die suddenly. But after talking to many aquarium dealers and reading a lot of books from the library, I learned that technology has made the hobby a lot easier for the beginner. I decided to go ahead and try it. My first aquarium was 30 gallons, and consisted of only fish and dried coral. But eventually I was bitten by the reef bug, and decided to go all the way. I have had a lot of catastrophes and learned a lot of expensive lessons, but I decided to stick with it until the bitter end. I now firmly believe that the people who are successful in the hobby are the ones who do not give up, but instead learn from their mistakes. I now have an All Glass brand 90-gallon reef tank with live rock, live corals, and some beautiful fish. I have discovered that the larger tanks are easier to take care of because the water is more stable. My ultimate goal is to one day have a 300 plus gallon reef tank built into the wall.90 Gallon Reef Aquarium Saltwater Fish Tank Setup. Added 2 new corals to this soon to be full blown, wall to wall reef. Stay tuned for future coral additions and videos. By NewYorkSteelo.

Facebook Fan Page: I currently have my reef set up in a 90-gallon All Glass brand aquarium with a matching stand in an oak wood texture. I use live rock and live sand for filtration with a 5-gallon sump. Debris is removed from the water via a Euro-reef protein skimmer. The system is illuminated with four T-5 fluorescent lights, two white and one actinic blue. They are mounted in the canopy above the aquarium. I have a Pacific Coast Imports brand inline chiller that keeps the water at a constant 79 degrees Fahrenheit. I also use a pinpoint electronic PH monitor and a digital thermometer with an alarm that goes off if the temperature exceeds the established parameters. The tank has a two-one inch layer of live sand on the bottom, and contains 120 pounds of live rock. So far I have had great luck with coralline algae, it is growing in abundance on all of the rock in the tank as well as on the glass. Below are some photos of my reef tank. All of these pictures were taken with a Canon Digital Rebel camera. So with this in mind, I felt that it was important to share with the marine science program my 90 gallon reef aquarium, as I strongly believe that conscientious reef aquariums can be powerful educational tools. The more people exposed to the secret lives of the coral reef creatures, the better in my book. Also, I’d be able continue maintaining and enjoying it once I returned from Australia…