letgo - 75G fish tank, frontosa, cichlids in Richland, SC

75G FISH TANK STAND- My first ever cabinet built (thread is a 56K killer)
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Frank Cresencia's photo of his 75g Reef Tank, submitted for entry in an About Saltwater Aquariums Photo Contest. Frank's tank shows his terrific assortment of both hard corals and soft corals, as well as his various fish.
75G FISH TANK STAND- My first ever cabinet built (thread is a 56K killer)
Photo provided by Flickr
I am not gonna get a tang b/c I dont like keeping fish that need a big space than to have and live a happy fish life than my 75g. I looking at Darf Loin fish today and i want a Pepperment lion fish but they hard to get. What tankmates are good for Darf loin Fish? I've never heard of a peppermint lion fish...but the fuzzy dwarf lion is pretty cool! Suitable tank mates are going to be anything he can't fit in his mouth. lol And don't underestimate how big his mouth is. letgo - 75g fish tank and stand in Shiloh, PA
Photo provided by Flickrletgo - 75G Saltwater fish tank in Boise, ID
Photo provided by Flickrmy 75g fish tank peacock cichlids - YouTube
Photo provided by Flickr
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Here is an updated video of my 75 gallon reef tank. July 2013

Video shot with Nikon D5100 35 lens.

- Tank: 75g Perfecto Reef Ready Tank
- Stand: Standard wooden stand with upgraded support
- Flow: 1 Jebao WP40 and 1 mp10
- PUMP: Eheim 1260
- Lights: 2 AI Sol Blue LED
- Skimmer: Reef Octopus 4" NWB110

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I would like to mention that this section is intended for NEWBIES people who would like to get into keeping fish and what is involved, but everyone is welcome.
This site will contain several sections. The first section is the new tank that I am putting together which will be a 75-gallon tank. I will show you step by step all parts and work necessary in putting up this tank, and I think we will do this in weekly (or as I get to them) so stop by whenever you can to see how far along we are!
The second section I would like to put up is really geared up for the beginners. There is much to know about these cute little water swimmers than you could possible think. The third section I haven't decided yet and will update this as soon as I know what it will be!