75 Gallon Rainbowfish Planted Aquarium

I am looking for an LED Light set up to put on top of a brand new 75 gallon planted aquarium.
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So I just got a 75 gallon tank (48L x 20H x 19W) and am close to setting up my first planted aquarium. I'll have an automated co2 system as well. I'm shooting for a nature aquascape with rock hardscape...for the most part.
Now im even more serious and about to upgrade to a 75 gallon beginner planted aquarium.
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This is day 2 of my new high tech planted 75 gallon aquarium. Lighting is a 3 x 54W T5HO Catalina Aquarium fixture, on timers. Pressurized Co2 using a custom made dual stage regulator and 10 lb Co2 cylinder. Substrate is Eco Complete Black Planted. Filtration is a Fluval 306 and a Rena Filstar XP3 with an inline UV sterilzer. I use remineralized RO/DI water. 75 gallon planted aquarium.
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Guess what! I found the footage that I shot months ago when I intended to make a 2-month update on the planted aquarium projects I started last summer. I was shooting a new update after doing a major overhaul the other day, but since I found the older footage I will make videos and show you the progress over several months leading up to where I am at on the tanks today. This episode shows the upstairs 75-gallon 2 months after starting the tank. Enjoy…Low tech 75 gallon planted aquarium.

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Artist: 75 Gallon Rainbowfish Planted Aquarium.

This is the first update of my entire 75 Gallon Rainbowfish Planted Aquarium of 2012. At first I was a little hesitant to upload this video, because I had been overseas and my aquarium suffered an ugly algae bloom. I don't think either of my friends were following my dosing instructions. I'm thinking maybe they just stop by and just dose with any or everything esp the flourish trace elements, and Iron. One of my red rainbows also died while I was away. I did my first water change today after about 5-6 weeks of fill up's and trimmed down most of the needle, and narrow leaf Ludwigia. I am still planning on trimming the amazon sword. Will update again in a few weeks once the aquarium has fully recovered. I'm considering rescaping this aquarium to a more advance but rainbowfish hardy scape, without the use of dirt/organic soil... the only downside is I don't want to uproot the amazon sword. I started running pressurized co2 in all of my aquariums so I think it is well worth it.

Plants Are:
Rangeri Sword - Echinodorus argentinesis
Basic Amazon sword - Echinodorus amazonicus
Crypt Parva - Cryptocoryne parva
Glossostigma - Glossostigma elatinoides
Anubias Petite Nana
Anubias Nana
Green Temple Narrow Leaf
Ludwigia Needle Leaf - Ludwigia arcuata
Sagittaria Subulata Narrow Leaf
Dwarf Sagittaria - Sagittaria subulata
Red Tiger Lotus - Nymphaea zenkeri
Dwarf Hairgrass - Eleocharis acicularis
Java Moss - Vesicularia dubyana
Substrate: Organic Soil, and Sand.

Fish are: Melanotaenia Boesemani, Melanotaenia Lacustris, Melanotaenia Parkinsoni, Melanotaenia fluviatilis, and Puntius denisonii

Acquario Akvarium Aquário Acuario 水族館Here's a video of my 75 Gallon Planted Aquarium Setup.

The fish are Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Bleeding Heart Tetras, and a couple Otocinclus. There are also some SAE's (Siamese Algea Eaters), a smaller Pleco, a Farlowella Catfish, and some Algae Eating Shrimp hiding in the mix somewhere.

This video was to show some people the tank that have been asking. It's not at it's best, but it's not doing too bad at the moment either. It is currently lit by 2 AH Supply 96W 6700K CFL's (I will swap it out for a 4x55W setup at some point in the future. The gravel makeup is a mix of various planted tank substrates including Aquasoil and Flourite. There is a Rex Grigg regulator and CO2 tank setup with a reactor under the tank supplying CO2 for the plants directly into the outlet of the main filter. The filtration is provided by a Rena Filstar XP 3 and a Magnum 350 Canister Filter. The ferts are mixed in dosed daily. For ferts I am using Plantex CSM+B for the Iron and Trace elements and a custom mix of KNO3, KH2PO4, and K2SO4. I am always tweaking the mix. Lately the tank has been on a medium maintenance schedule, so dosing hasn't been heavy for exceptional growth although you can definately see pearling in the video as the tank does for most of the day.