DIY Removable Aquarium Background (75 gallon) - YouTube

75 gallon DIY Aquarium background - YouTube
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My 75 gallon Roman themed aquarium with a 3D rock background.

Enjoy my beautiful tank with sparkling water!

I use:
seachem matrix
seachem purigen
api stress zyme
seachem prime
fluval c4 filter
aquaclear 110 filter
75 gallon DIY Aquarium background
Photo provided by Flickr
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So this is part three, of my 75 gallon aquarium series, the next part will be actually dirting this aquarium.
If you need to check up on this series the other two previous videos are right here:

How to buy an aquarium for cheap:

How to Paint an aquarium background :

So there are many different ways to buy an aquarium stand, maybe you need to be more economical, or maybe the stores don't offer an aquarium stand that fits your needs, well thats when you can diy.

In my personal opinion I don't believe a store bought aquarium stand is strong as the stands i construct, and a lot of fish keepers would agree with me on that. The material they use, is cheaper and it is jacked up in price.

There are many different ways to build an aquarium stand and i suggest that you go to google, and YouTube and watch/read as blogs, and articles, and forums as you can. If you do not have access to power tools, perhaps you can have a friend, uncle, brother help you. The way you construct a DIY aquairum stand is totally up to you.

Here is another sneak peak for the people who actually read the comments, in the far future i plan on building my first child a pretty high tech system and it might possible have three aquariums high, but its in the far far far future, and if anyone is still around for that i will greatly appreciate it.

anyways guys enjoy the video let me know if you have any questions.

3D Grey rock background in 75 gallon aquarium | Aquaticfx ..
Photo provided by FlickrMy 75 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background
Photo provided by FlickrMy 75 gallon Roman themed aquarium with a 3D rock background
Photo provided by Flickr
I've been lurking around the forum for some time now gathering information to prepare for my aquarium build with internal overflow and sump. With all of your helpful information and many hours of youtube videos I have finally setup my new 75 gallon aquarium. I was originally going to attempt the DIY 3D background but the I came across AquaDecor and had to have one of their backgrounds. I gotta say that they did an amazing job! Just giving measurements and the specific radius for the internal overflow via email (I'm in Chicago and they're in Serbia), the background fits like a glove. Pretty amazing work!I went out and got some black vinyl at a print/sign shop to do the back and one side of my 75 gallon. It came in a 24" role - cost me $11 bucks for 5.5 feet. The local aquarium shop wanted $5 a foot for the regular black plastic background. This was much cheaper and actually sticks to the back of the tank.Lake Malawi Cichlids. 75 gallon All-Glass aquarium with an Eheim Ecco canister filter and an Eheim Wet/Dry canister filter. Lighting is a Deep Blue Professional SolarFlare DX LED. ATG 3d rock wall background. Rockscapes are all natural stone...mostly sand stone and lace rock.