My 60L Tropical Fish Tank - YouTube

Classic Coral on Lava Rock 60L Biorb Aquarium Ornament Fish Tank Decoration 2922
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60L Aquascape Android- Its dead wood with Singapore moss (Vesicularia dubyana) on it! (i think) look at the where to buy link there is more info about the fish tank and a even more beautiful one as wel!
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My 60L (16gallon) tropical fish tank with platy,molly,guppy fry and adult guppies and kuhli loaches
Platy fry 7days old
Guppy fry 10days old
Molly fry 2months old
Surprisingly adults don't eat or bother fry, happy about it :D BiOrb Life Fish Tanks Collection - BiOrb Life 30L, 45L and 60L in white, red and black.
Photo provided by FlickrTop-Quality 15Gal/60L Chiller & Heater Thermostatic Fish Tank 110V/220V Electric
Photo provided by FlickrMy 60L Tropical Fish Tank 2
Photo provided by Flickr