Setting up 60 gal aquarium / fish tank - step 2

The Whisper 60 model has two outlets and is rated for aquariums up to 60 gallons.
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The stand is made of medium-density fiberboard that is designed to handle the heavy 60-gallon tank filled with water. Its black color, welded construction, stylish design make it a central focus of your home or office. Its generous cabinet space is a great place for stocking your aquarium supplies and the open space is ideal for exhibiting your favorite souvenirs, books, and photos.
Marineland® 60 Gallon Heartland LED Aquarium with Stand
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This is my new 60 gallon aquarium made by Marineland. Its my very first attemp at an aquarium. In the process of cycling. Sorry for the crappy lighting...I will be adding fish and more vids soon. Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump, For 60 gallon Aquariums
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Photo provided by FlickrRight now the Koi is in a 60 gallon aquarium and is roughly 18
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Two identical 60 gallon glass tanks are filled with water and placed side-by-side on an earthquake simulation platform. One tank is secured to the wall with furniture straps while the other is left freestanding. Flip on the switch and you can probably guess what happens next. The most obvious lesson is to secure your aquarium to your wall. Aquarium joints are also surprisingly strong (even mass-produced 60 gallons with thin glass).Sadly filtration isn’t included although you can easily fit suitable hanging filters to the rear of the tank, a few users have suggested the shelves on the black MDF stand are slightly too close together making it rather hard to use canister filters. Lastly, as I am sure you are aware, glass aquariums are not light and the Marineland Heartland 60 Gal Aquarium is no exception having 3/8” quality glass it will require two people to lift / position. Provided with energy efficient fluorescent lighting the hood is great when starting out although appears to tinge the water color, once you’re setup is up and running take a look at other LED .For choosing a 55-60 gallon , there are many options for choice. It can be a tank with or without , a full aquarium kit with filter and lighting, or simply a glass/acrylic tank without any equipment. In this review, I will cover some of the best 55-60 gallon aquariums (with or without stand) that come in various shapes for you to choose.If you need a 60 gallon glass fish tank with its stand, the Marineland 60 gallon Heartland aquarium ensemble is the best choice. Because of its large profile, you can stock various large cichlid fish types with different colors or set up a community tank with several schools of fish. The large front clear glass panel provides a maximum viewing area for enjoying your fish.Black Friday sale 150.00$ at petsmart includes 60 gallon tank with stand and hood with light. I just bought it and picking it up this week. Buying a aquapot canister filter for 175 gal aquarium. MARINELAND® 60 Gallon Heartland Aquarium EnsembleI LOVE THIS ,,,,,,,,,, it fits perfectly with my new 60 Gallon Marineland Aquarium. I highly reccomend this product to ANY ONE Purchase one to fit your tank ,