55G aquarium I bought off craigslist. It has tons of scratches.

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Hang the filter on the back of the tank according to your specific filter model's instruction manual. Note that you do not have to use a hanging filter, it is just one of the most common and easiest to install. Saltwater aquariums need much better filtration than freshwater aquariums, hence the usage of a 110-gallon filter instead of a 55-gallon filter. Also make sure that the filter you use has a medium for beneficial bacteria to grow, like a bio-wheel. Consult your local pet shop employee when deciding on a proper filter.
Do you have a bow-shaped lid for a 55-gallon aquarium
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A big tank like a 55-gallon is much more roomy, dimension-wise, and this means you can start to think of your aquarium in terms of zones. Most fish have a specific area of the tank they prefer to inhabit and, while they will matriculate around the tank a bit, that is where they spend most of their time. Peacocks in a 55G? - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community
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Saltwater aquariums are a beautiful addition to any home; marine fish often have a beauty that freshwater fish often cannot replicate. Setting up a saltwater aquarium can be a difficult task that requires very careful preparation. A 55-gallon tank is one of the more popular sizes when it comes to aquariums, as it allows for a lot of swimming space and serves as an excellent display tank, and is readily available at most pet shops. Setting up a 55-gallon saltwater fish tank requires several materials and many steps, not to mention a lot of patience, so proceed knowing that it won't be easy, but the experience can be very rewarding.A 55-gallon fish tank will be the focal point of any room. You may choose to build an aquarium with real driftwood, plants and rocks, or you may instead go the artificial route. In either case, if you put in the effort and take some time to learn the ropes you can really create an incredible fish tank.There are many effective methods for filtering a 55-gallon aquarium. Wet/Dry filters, such as the Tidepool I, are excellent filters. They are not as popular as other methods however due to the extra work required to get them plumbed and fitted to the aquarium. One of the most popular and effective methods for filtration is to use a canister filter in addition to either a Hang-On-Back (HOB) filter or a submersible sponge filter. Suggested canister filters include Eheim 2026, Eheim 2213, Fluval 303, Magnum 350, and Filstar XP2. Companion HOB filters include Emperor 400 and Aquaclear 500. There are many submersible pumps which could be attached to a sponge. These can be used to create additional water movement and extra polishing. Each of these methods would benefit from at least one airstone.In my article on I laid out some ground rules for stocking an aquarium. Maybe you already have experience maintaining a smaller tank successfully. So, should you simply scale things up by several factors when stocking your 55-gallon aquarium?Of course, the fish you intend to stock play a very big part in how much success you have with your new aquarium. A 55-gallon tank may seem enormous, and it is a very big volume of water to have in a living room, but compared to a stream or lake it is pretty tiny. You still have a tight margin of error when it comes to making smart stocking decisions and choosing the right fish.In this week's video I give an overview of how I built a rack to hold two 55g aquariums for my two breeding groups of peacock cichlids.

I show how I built it, the materials I used, and the final result.

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