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Now that you have gone through the list of 55-gallon aquariums (with few other capacity tanks); the initial step before buying the tank is to , you desire along with the location of the tank. Please, note that even though the size is not a big thing in buying, it is; when placing the tank and therefore, you need to be careful. Also, not many marine animals can be accommodated in smaller tanks even when they’re kept alone in a single fish tank. Therefore, if you want the tank to act as an aquarium, it is recommended to think of the size of the animals as well as the volume of water needed.
Hi,I'm selling a 55 gallon long fish tank with a stand , 15 inch LED submersible light strip, decorations, gravel and 2 pieces of lava rock. The top for the 55.
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I cried and cried. I thought, "Never AGAIN..." but I talked to the salesman for over 2 hours on each fish and I decided to get another oscar. This one is only 1" long in a 55 gallon tank. Today I bought a 125 gallon tank. I'm going to put this 1" fish in a 125 gallon fishtank, but trust me it will grow to 14" quickly. my tanks a 55 gallon, 2 koi only 3
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This is my new 55 gallon long. I had the Oscars in a 55 gallon high and changed to this tank. I used a liquid cycle to jump start the tank because the fish had to go right into the new tank. I had the Oscars in a bucket for about 5 hours with an air stone going to them. The tank has stayed very clear and they love the long tank so much better. I will put more videos on later. I also have videos on my other 55 gallon long and I am making the 55 high my new community tank..Petco Brooklyn manufactures a variety of fish tank stands in different sizes — from a up to a 55 gallon one. And this 55 gallon stand is one of the noteworthy products for their customers. Being constructed from solid steel makes the stand sturdy and durable that can withstand the weight of a 55 gallon aquarium full of water for many years. Most buyers would recommend the stand because the durable materials used would last longer compared to wooden stands.This 55 gallon aquarium kit has a nice long, rectangular shape to it. It includes a bright white LED lighting fixture as well as many other nice accessories to get you started in using this tank as a home for your fish. The filter is a Silentstream 75 Power Filter with a cartridge included.Curator of an ever growing fishroom that currently houses 17 tanks(72 bowfront, 2x55's, 2x29's, 2x20 highs, 20 long, 30 long, 38, 7x10's) many of which are planted; and a 55 gallon African Cichlid tank at work along with a few empty tanks here and there to be set up eventually!.