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55 Gallon Acrylic Glass / Plexiglass Aquarium / terrarium/ fish tank with stand
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This 55 gallon fish tank with stand is technically a 56 gallon tank and has a nice modern design while utilizing the same principle of hiding the functional components like the tank above. It’s a column design but still includes some nice storage space and overall aesthetically pleasing design to fit into any décor or living space.
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The Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon upright stand is made out of dense fiberboard. This material ensures that the whole stand supports your fish tank instead of just corners.

The Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon upright stand has a moisture-resistant, black powder-coat finish on top of the fiberboard. This means that you do not need to worry about getting the stand wet because you can wipe it off and the stand will not be deteriorated.

The fasteners used in the stand are metal. The metal-to-metal locking cam fasteners are much sturdier and reliable than traditional wood screws found in lower quality stands. With the Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon upright stand, you will feel confident that your fish tank will be safe and supported.

The black color makes the Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon upright stand look stunningly sleek and modern in any home.

The assembly of the Aquatic Fundamentals 55 gallon upright stand involves locking fasteners and panels into place. A helpful assembly manual with pictures is provided to make the task easy. Watch the video below to get a sense of the assembly process. Apr 21, 2015 - Post with 3 votes and 2471 views. Tagged with ; Shared by Cichlidsaremyjam. DIY 55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand.
Photo provided by FlickrI have a 55 gallon tank on one of those particle board fish tanks stands that I got for free with the tank
Photo provided by FlickrShop Petco's large variety of aquarium & fish tank stands
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Often it is additions such as the fish tank stand that make the budget rise beyond expected. A small fish tank with a capacity of say 55 gallons can handle a weight of 250 pound s- well over 100 kg. Just with your imagination you can imagine how catastrophic just bumping the side of this tank could be for your new hobby. Large tanks of say 200 Gallons can weigh as much as a ton.Just like the above product this stand is built metallic. It is designed with good minimalistic design that allows you to mount two fish tanks – 55 Gallons on top and a slightly smaller tank on the lower mounting.Although there are many different sizes of fishtank stands for sale, the 55 gallon size seems to be one of the more popular sizes. There are many reasons for this with the main one being that it is not too big but also not too small at the same time. It can be used for more aggro fish like African Cichlids or for smaller fish as well. When it is full of water it weighs in at a whopping 550 pounds. This means that you can’t simply stick it on a table or it will break, you must get a proper tank stand.This is arguably the best 55 gallon fish tank stand available on the market today. The product is built with a very solid top that ensures this tank will work just as well with different types of tanks – glass and acrylic.On the other hand there are some drawbacks of wood stands for 55 gallon tanks. The main one is that not all types of wood do well with moisture. You need to make sure that the wood has a good finishing on it to prevent damage. We would recommend getting a wood stand that is made with MDF (medium density fiberboard) over particle board. The reason for this is that particle board will eventually fall apart if exposed to enough moisture! We don’t have to tell you that would be a disaster for your pet fish.I am not aware of a stand alone 55 gallon stainless fish tank stand. However the whole tank and setup in a round tank with stainless trim can be found here: