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The outside of the box stated that the kit contained a 55 Gallon glass tank, 2 24" flourescent hoods, a HOB filter, heater, net, a sample of tropical flake food, and a "how to set up your new aquarium" video. all of this for $159.99 I found to be hard to beat. basically all I had to add was water, gravel (1lb per gallon as stated on the side of the box,) and fish.
letgo - 55 gallon fish tank hood with light in Scranton, PA
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At first glance you can see how different this 55 gallon fish tank is from the rest on the list. While the others featured an overall traditional design for everything, this one looks almost futuristic with its cylindrical design and sleek metal stand and hood. This makes it easy to fit anywhere, though it may not go with all your décor. Wanted : 55 gallon fish tank with hood - The Reef Tank
Photo provided by FlickrA LED light has been included in the 55 Gallon fish tank hood
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Lighting that is suitable for fish-only saltwater as well as freshwater fish aquariums, light hoods are available in a choice of finishes, a wide range of sizes, and come equipped with standard or NO (Normal Output) fluorescent bulb or tube configurations. Designed for standard gallon sized tanks, such as a 10, 20L, 20H, 40B, 55, 75 and many others, from this list of top pick basic fluorescent light hoods, it shouldn't be hard to find one to fit your aquarium.This 55 gallon fish tank has a lot of features and includes a lot of must have accessories for any fish tank kit. It has the usual, hood and lighting system, but also includes a submersible heater, a fish net, a thermometer, food and water care samples, and a set up guide for the entire apparatus. Knowing the feedback of the existing owners is important for the one part of the consideration. Yes, it is true because the owners say based on the real condition of the product. It can be concluded that they know the condition of the product correctly, and they give their opinion. How about their opinion about this fish tank hoods and lights? Some owners say that they are glad about the feature of this product. Some of them use it as a 24 inch led aquarium hood, there are also using it as 55 gallons fish tank hood by combining 2 LED hoods. The LED is great with the bright light and crisp. The brightness of the light gives the special effect of the color of fish.The measurements on this 56 gallon fish tank are, once again, in two parts. The tank itself is 18 inches by 30 inches by 24 inches while the stand is 19 inches by 31 inches by 29 inches. It utilizes clean lines for a modern design and includes a glass canopy instead of a 55 gallon fish tank hood. There is an included light fixture and well concealed functional components to bring the focus on the beauty of your fish.Unlike some of the other 55 gallon fish tanks on this list, this one does not include some of the awesome accessories so you’ll have to buy those separately. It also utilizes a glass canopy instead of a hood, which is a little bit more fragile, especially if you’re using it quite a bit.