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Baby biOrb Classic 4-Gallon Moonlight Silver Aquarium 45634 @ Fish Tanks Direct.
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Long story short, I would like to put a very simple metal plant stand into my 55-gallon tank (5 fish) for decorative reasons. Will the metal or perhaps rust be harmful to my goldfish?
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Sold by PetSmart, this hexagon aquarium is the perfect home for any larger species of fish that you may look after. At 55 gallons, there’s more than enough room in this tank to hold larger fish, or if you’re breeding you could add a and keep different species together in here. We’re huge fans of the design, and think that the hexagon shape is perfect for fish who like a bit of privacy. What many people don’t talk about is how important corners are for fish – they love hiding in them! If you fill this tank with decorations and plants, then they’ll be able to hide in any corner they want. Perfect for shy fish like Bettas! Turtle AquariumDiy AquariumAquarium StandAquarium IdeasAquarium DecorationsAquarium CabinetFish Tank StandTank Design55 Gallon
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Photo provided by FlickrUnique Decal for your Fish Tank or Aquarium 55 by warningstickppl, $3.95 ..
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