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Custom 4ft Tank With Stand Filter Diy Hood And LED Lights Fish 615x461.
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4ft fishtank stand made from recycled pallets (frame made from structural timber). Hood came with the tank, just needed to be trimmed as it was about 2-3in too long for the tank
Aquatic Pets: Pet Supplies Picture of Fish tank hood v.2 Fish Tank 4ft x 14 .
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This is my new 4ft fish tank, It is a red-sea 48x12x18, And the stand and hood has been built, these will be getting painted shortly. This video is to test the new "cheep" SMD 5050 LED System that i got from ebay for just £25 it has a RGB IR Remote that has 44keys and it works brilliantly. 4FT Aquarium LED RGB Coloful Mood Light Fish Tank Over Head Hood SMD Lamp Remote.
Photo provided by Flickr4ft fish tank including stand plus all accessories. If you get in before 18th nov fish included. 'Fish Tank $200 4ft fish tank, stand, hood, light and rocks'.
Photo provided by FlickrCustom 4ft Tank With Stand Filter Diy Hood And LED Lights Fish 526x700 · Aquariums Fish Tanks Equipment Custom Built Tank With Hood And 600x450.
Photo provided by Flickr