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Hi Everyone,I am pretty new to the fish keeping hobby and I have a 40 gallon tall tank
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There’s two options with this 40 gallon fish tank kit and that’s the and the . For the deluxe you’re going to get a full hood with a 24 inch fluorescent light fixture installed though the bulbs are not included. Also included are a 40 gallon fish tanks filter, a starter guide, pebbles, and decorative items for the tank. Where the basic combo set is concerned you’re going to get the same basic items, minus the decorative additions.
Apr 10, 2005 - Hi, I have a 40 gallon (tall) fish tank that I would love to make into a terrarium. I would really like it to look like a miniature woodland scene.
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Recently upgraded to a 40 gallon tall aquarium and I'm loving it.

Current fish in this tank are:
1 Male Blue Opaline Gourami. (Female soon)
2 Fire Red Dwarf Gouramis

2 long finned black tetras
1 Cory Catfish

Let me know what you guys think & comment below I'd love the feedback!

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