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Design an aquatic focal point for your room with the Altra Laguna 29-37 Gallon Tide Aquarium Stand. This classic dark brown Aquarium Stand accommodates both salt water and fresh water aquariums up to 37 gallons. Altra Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand requires assembly upon delivery.
37 Gallon Aquarium
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MARINELAND® 37 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble | Aquariums | PetSmart $190, this thing is huge, but its also self sustaining, we wouldn't have to worry about where the aquarium would go. 37 Gallon Extra High Aquarium Diamond Polished Edges Distortion Free Glass Made Of Glass Black Frame Top & Bottom Dimensions/Size:
Photo provided by FlickrDesign an aquatic focal point for your room with the Ameriwood Home Laguna 29-37 Gallon Tide Aquarium Stand. This classic espresso
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My 37-gallon aquarium, planted with various kinds of plants and stocked currently with:
4x Platy (2 red wag, 2 tuxedo)
4x Serpae tetra
4x Cory catish
11x Neon tetra
1x Betta fish
Enjoy!Update on the 37 gallon aquarium, with some new additions. Some Orange Shrimp and Panda Guppies. Will also get an update on the pom pom crabs bristlenose plecos and all other inhabitants.

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 LicenseThis is my 37 gallon planted aquarium. I have an Emperor 400 filter which is more than enough to filter this tank. For the lighting I have a 24" compact fluorescent light strip which totals 130 watts. That equals out to about 3.5 watts per gallon. One white and one actinic light bulb. I also have a home made CO2 injection kit that works wonders for the plants. I find that adding some plant food with every water change helps the plants look their best as well.

In the foreground I have Dwarf Hairgrass and Java Moss. Middle I have Java Ferns and some Rotala Macaras. Background is Cabomba. I also have some lily bulbs planted. They just started sprouting the other day.

For my fish, I have five Tetras. They are a certain type which is partially transparent. I have two Otocinclus which help to control my algae. I am going to get some more of these guys soon because they do such a great job. They can be seen near the end of the video clinging to the powerhead cord. And I also have one Synodontis Lace Catfish.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions!I bought a 37 gallon aquarium a few weeks ago. I set everything up, making sure to rinse off the "gravel" (I'm using glass accent decorative "stones" that the bag did say was OK for aquariums, as they're also good for floral vases), the two dragons I bought from the pet store, and a variety of plastic plants. I added the water, a tank thermometer, a heater (which the pet store recommended and I set it to the level they recommended).The tank is reasonably sized with dimensions of 30″ wide x 12″ long x 22″ high with the ensemble taking up extra space. This aquarium also includes a 45-LED light hood adding to the amazing value with these extra inclusions all added into the suite which sells for the same price as a regular glass 37 gallon tank on its own. The tank is suitable for both freshwater and marine species as well as a variety of fish species making the tank extremely versatile with extensive potential for first time aquarium owners to long time aquatic fanatics.This is my brand new 37 Gal. Aquarium! The Goldfish have only been in the Aquarium for about a week, they seem to be adjusting well ! Huge waste producers, thats for sure! There's three Females and only one Male. The Black Oranda Goldfish's name is Bruce, shes one of the Females ( we didn't know the genders before we named them! ) the white Oranda Goldfish's name is Ollie- one of the Females, the smaller Orange Oranda's name is Millie- Also a female, and last but not least , the Orange Oranda with black tips on its fins- Oscar, the only male.