Buy Jager Aquarium Heater - 300W - 159 to 264 gal

Top 5 300-watt aquarium heaters for 75-100 gallon fish tanks
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for freshwater or saltwater marine aquariums up to 300 gallons. Model Heater Dimensions Recommended for Aquariums 150W (Mfg# T3-150) 9-1/2" 30-50 Gallons 300W (Mfg# T3-300) 13.1" 60-100 Gallons 500W (Mfg# T3-500) 13.1" 100-160 Gallons 800W (Mfg# T3-800) 16.7" 160-260 Gallons
*For 120 to 200 gallon plus aquariums (for large aquariums such as a 300 gallon, two 200 or 300 watt heaters may be best)
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One of the things which you will really like about this aquarium heater is that it is made with high quality glass that is double insulated. This glass should not shatter, melt, or over heat due to anything. This thing works really well to heat your aquarium thanks to being 300 watts, which means that it is ideal for larger aquariums of up to 75 gallons in size. 300wt heater too much for 55 gallon? - Aquarium Forum
Photo provided by FlickrTop Fin 300 Watt Aquarium Heater 45-65 Gallon Tank New Shatterproof Quartz Glass
Photo provided by Flickr300 Watt Heater, recommended for Fresh or Salt water aquariums 75-100 Gallons
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First things First. Thank Bob for all your help

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This heater is capable of heating my 250 gallon Aquaponics System 2 degrees and hour. My system is located in my closed 2 car garage so you mileage may differ depending on where you system is locate at and the number of gallons of water your trying to heat. But I'm having no issues with keeping my tank at between 80 and 82F for my Tilapia. Bob is running a 300 gallon system at 77F and is have no issues either. His you tube channel is fiberinspector.

This tank heater will cost you about what 3 quality 300 watt Aquarium heaters will cost you and with this heater you have three or 4 time the capacity to keep your tank at the proper temp. I also highly recommend insulating your tank. Mine isn't and this thing is keeping my tanks at the right temp and heating my whole garage.
I was running 6 250 watt aquarium heaters and could never keep my tanks at the proper temp. So far with this tank heater, water temp has never been and issue for my application. I'm also using half as much electric to do it.

If all your looking for is something to keep your tank from ICEING OVER there are cheaper alternatives at Tractor Supply.

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and Fiberinspector The Marineland Precision 300-watt heater is designed to handle aquariums of up to 80 gallons and certainly it is a good choice for a 75 gallon aquarium. The heater is designed for easy use and installation. Its adjustable temperature dial on the top lets you set the temperature 1 degree with each click. There is a sliding scale on its body that shows the exact temperature setting for perfect regulation.300-watt aquarium heaters are commonly used to ensure the temperature is maintained at a steady and proper level for 75 – 100 gallon tropical fish tanks. This is an important thing you should invest for your fish tank because the failure in regulating the temperature can affect your aquarium dwellers negatively. To come with a 300W heaters, there are so many options for you to choose from. Following are the reviews of top five 300W recommended by .For Chris, DSTOP, and Joseph, I have a relatively new 75 gallon aquarium and an older eheim heater. Don’t know what the wattage is, but it seemed to be staying on a lot and when I checked the temperature, the dial had moved up to 82 degrees–and I didn’t change it, so I don’t know what’s causing the slide upward. I want to replace the heater, and read that it can be a good idea to get two smaller heaters. Would that mean that I could get two Eheim heaters of 150 watts each instead of one at 300?